Make your Bedroom Farmhouse Centric


Use elements like homespun or scraps craft from your home to create a country house feel that is reminiscent of simpler times.

The farmhouse style house is a popular choice amongst a lot of homeowners because of its inviting appeal and natural décor. The design is so comfortable and appearance is so simple that it has its own old world charm to it, especially in winters when you can stay in your bed all day and snuggle in its comfort. Here are the innovative bedroom design ideas and methods that you can employ to make your home farmhouse centric and get the desired look. These simple elements will provide an instant charm to your contemporary home.

Gingham Pattern


[Image: Richardson Architects]

If you are looking to add an all American rustic, English style or Scandinavian feel to your bedroom, then this pattern, especially in red and white is a quick and low cost solution. Mix and match with the rest of the décor in the room to conclude the farmhouse look.

Country Styled Quilt


[Image: Wells & Fox]

When you want to add a farmhouse look and feel to a bedroom, the first place to start is the bed. Make it appear comfy and inviting by making it look like it has been crafted from the scraps around the house. You can throw a quilt from Amish or modern Gee’s Bend inspired variety in order to complete it.

Flour Grain Sacks Repurposed to Make Pillows

farmhouse-bedroom (1)

[Image: Dalgleish Construction Company]

Nothing spells farmhouse the way repurposed material does. It has been used throughout the history to make practical use of things that add to the farmhouse appeal. For instance, many people repurposed the grain sacks or the ones used for flour to make cushion or pillow covers. In this image, the rustic cover on a pillow has been added to contrast the soft bedding.

Add a country touch with needlepoint

farmhouse-bedroom (2)

[Image: Tess Fine]

When talking about Homespun crafts, it would not be fair if no mention is made of the needlepoint. Add the quintessential glory of farmhouse style by including a framed work of embroidery or needlecraft to get the country look.

Add simple rugs

farmhouse-bedroom (3)

[Image: Rafe Churchill | Traditional Houses]

A braided rug is yet another classic example of homespun crafts that can add to the country feel of the house. Back in the day, these were created by using leftover scraps and rags to make a rug. In this room, one can see how the rest of the furniture falls perfectly into the scheme of making do with what you have. The stool-turned-nightstand is an ideal addition to the spirit of farmhouse’s interior décor in this image.

Laced Curtains

farmhouse-bedroom (4)

[Image: Rafe Churchill | Traditional Houses]

The lace curtains are so much of an obvious element when it comes to country styled homes or rooms. It suddenly transpires into a period room with its simple presence.

Floors made of Wide Planks


[Image: Tess Fine]

In the earlier times, the forests were cleared for a variety of reasons like firewood, farming and even for the building purposes. These trees back then had a much larger diameter and made wider boards compared to the trees that are milled today. It was very common to see ten-inch floor boards in the rooms. If you want to get down to the details, then you can check out with your local reclaimed wood dealers to get the floorboards this size and refurbish the floors of your room to look like a room belonging to that era.

If you are living in a house that is need of maintenance and has missing planks of woods, then you can look in the attic for the replacements. The chances are that the boards used around the house are similar to the ones up there so you can finish the look by getting a match, right inside your house.

Butt board

farmhouse-bedroom (5)

[Image: Historical Concepts]

In earlier times, the planks were butted together as the tongue and groove mechanism did not exist. So, you can butt these planks together to create a simple yet powerful farmhouse charm.

Simple Board and Batten Design

traditional-bedroom (1)

[Image: Geoff Chick & Associates]

This may not exactly be something that you would find in a historic country styled home but more of an updated version. Board and batten style was seen outside the agrarian buildings, and in this case has been brought inside the house to give it a rural yet chic appeal. When it is included in the interiors, it adds dimensions to the walls and gives a much more rustic appearance than a drywall. The simple lines of board and batten style can complement a traditional looking home just as much as contemporary styled.

Architectural Features inspired by Agrarian Style

farmhouse-bedroom (6)

[Image: Justin Pauly Architects]

It is not common to see barn doors in a classic farmhouse home, but they are readily being incorporated in the modern interiors to get the rural vernacular feel inside the house. In this particular image, the X-detailing on the barn door is a clever design trick to enthuse a rustic appeal. Do not forget to observe that small opening which also doubles up as a window. The colour of the door matches that of the walls inside the room, which gives it a seamless look.

Farm Style Elements

farmhouse-bedroom (7)

[Image: Country Outfitter]

This look is also an interpretation of a farmhouse style home. The room may not entirely fall quite into place when it comes to the rustic theme, but it does remind of the unique style back in the day with its exclusive craftsmanship and patinas that are so much in demand today.

shabby-chic-style-bedroom (1)

[Image: Cornerstone Architects]

You can also reuse the buckets, tools, drums, pails as repurposed lamps or even use them as a wastepaper basket.

Ancient Style Furniture

farmhouse-bedroom (8)

[Image: Maplestone Construction]

A proper farmhouse style bedroom will not have any ornate décor items. This is why this room has a primitive style four post bed with a blue distressed blanket chest, which completes the rustic theme with its simplicity.

To make a house, that is based on country theme, is all about being simple and yet glamorous. It takes a lot of creativity as well as thinking out-of-the-box to transform your room into a farmhouse styled one. These simple design tips above will surely give you a head start to get the look that you truly desire for your room.

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