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Make her glow with happiness! – gift your daughter a new room

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Best rooms to play and grow in for your girls as they are the prettiest in the world and they deserve the best.

How about designing daughter’s room in a lively design? Gift her appreciation for design by following these mind blowing creative do-ups, tailored made for the teenage diva at home. Make her happy, and let it be her abode of creative endeavors.

Bohemian – ho!

Do up this lovely room in bright hues, vivid finishes and warm tones for the girls. The room size may be small, but the space is well managed. Bunk beds and tables are straight – shaker type but the chairs and wardrobe are exquisite. Throw in furnishings in all the lovely girly shades, magenta, pink, fuchsia, plum and strawberry. Ah, add that granny – made bedspread for a hint of love and pampering. Loads of storage for all those girly knickknacks!

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Romance and softness:

She is your dainty princess, isn’t she? Do her room in a soft palette, smooth lines and dappled decoration, just like a princess! Pale pink walls, soft couch, light curtains and functional furniture – this room is calm and peaceful. All woodwork is white, the only colorful element being the cushions on the bed. Curvaceous seating, soft lighting and plush colorful runner on the floor – that’s what your princess needs!

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Handmade chic:

The creative worm in your lovely baby is beginning to sprout, isn’t it? Let her express herself, by letting this design work for her room. Plain furniture and softness is not for your fiery artist – let her decorate the furniture in her own quirky way. Jazzy blue door, polka dots and stars all over the surfaces, stunning mat on the floor and self decorated chest of drawers – this is her reflection in the room. Ask her for ideas or better still, let her decorate!

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Make her teenage years more fun and redo the room with energy and enthusiasm!

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