Make your Pets Holiday Friendly

Make your home pet safe this holiday season and avoid an unnecessary trip to the vet.

If you are one of the proud owners of a pet, then you need to be aware of certain things that are necessary to keep your pets safe in your house. But as the holiday season is just round the corner, you need to practice extra caution so that your celebrations are not marred by a pet related emergency. The biggest crisis arises when the pets eat something that their bodies are incapable of digesting. Another problem may occur if you lose your pets when busy entertaining guests at the time of festivities. Seasonal decorations like candles and other decorative items can be a health hazard too when you do not practice enough caution. So to keep the celebration going full swing, you need to ensure these simple things so that your pets can enjoy just as much as you, without compromising their health.


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Come thanksgiving and the holiday season officially begins with many celebrations and festivities lined up. However, for the pet owners, this is also a time when they must up the vigilance for the safety of their pets. This is especially necessary around the food.

There are many instances when the dogs end up eating turkey with the bones or the tin foil it was wrapped in. Side dishes that you kept for your guests may also be equally tempting for your pets to dig into. When you are busy attending your guests during family dinners, it is the best time for your dog to slip and snag some human food without realizing its potential dangers. So, the first thing that needs your attention is to keep the pets and the food as far away as possible.

It does not matter if your pets are well behaved. The noise and confusion of too many guests and too many food items on display can be the perfect occasion for them to forget the rules of the house and they may escape when given a small window of opportunity. This is the reason you need to locate a quiet and a safe spot for your pets during the festive season.


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Christmas means that a lot of guests will be flowing in and out of the house, which can make you forget about your pets for a while. This is when they can get entangled with the ornaments, break them or worse, even eat them. These ornaments can cause internal injuries or cuts if swallowed, which can also be fatal. Bubbling oil and fire salts have toxic chemicals, which can be poisonous if eaten. These ornaments are only for decorating so should not be within reach of your pets at any cost.


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Some holiday plants such as mistletoes, holly, Christmas rose and lilies can cause gastrointestinal disorders when swallowed. Candles and/or fireplaces are also a fire hazard if the pets get too close to them, not to forget the ashes that are equally dangerous. The stagnant tree water may contain toxic materials or preservatives that can upset the stomach, and in some cases, may even have worse reactions. Don’t use ribbon for collars as it can choke the pets if they get stuck into something.


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To avoid these dangers and more, your holiday decorations need adjustments, which spread the holiday cheer without compromising the safety of your pets. You can start by placing the tree and the precious heirlooms on a tall surface so that it cannot be reached easily.

Some people also consider the possibility of circling the Christmas tree with dog fence to keep the dogs out of the area. All the ornaments and gifts are safely wrapped and placed within the area so that it cannot be accessed.


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During Hanukkah, you need to keep an eye out for small presents that can be eaten by your dog or your cat. This includes all the toys and small chocolate coins that can tempt your pet to take a bite at it. If ignored, it can be a problem for your pet, as well as, you.


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At the time of New Year, we are all so busy bidding adieu to the old year and welcoming the new one that we often forget about the skittish pets that are just one provocation away from doing something harmful for their health. Even though balloons and confetti may seem like a necessary addition to the decoration of your house, they are fully capable of being eaten by your pets if left unattended. To be on the safe side, it is better to find alternatives to these options than putting your pets to risk.


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This rule is not just applicable to holidays only, but any kind of celebration like family get-togethers or birthday/anniversary celebrations.

Chocolates or sweetened candy contains components that are harmful to the pets and candies have been certified as unsafe for animal consumption. Candles too are a problem if the pets knock them over and can accidently start fire or get burned in the process. The dangling decorations are a perfect source of temptation as they try to eat it or play with it and get hurt if not checked. Small plants that people give as gifts must be especially kept out of reach for the safety of your pets at home.

On Fourth of July or Indian festival Diwali, fireworks are one of the biggest risks to the pets. While some animals get along with all the noise and celebration, there are some that can freak out. If you feel that your pet is unable to cope up with the sound, then it is recommended to take prescription anti-anxiety medicines for your pets before the celebration begins.

The pets get overexcited in presence of too many people and when there is too much noise. This is when they can run away in chaotic situations. To avoid any such sticky situations and more, it is recommended that you place your pets in a safe and quiet spot indoors that are far away from all the hustle and bustle of the festivities. While you would love to have them around during celebrations, it is best to keep them away for their own safety and to an extent yours too.

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