Masonry Kitchens in Style from ARREX LE CUCINE

pesca masonry kitchen

A range of masonry kitchens from ARREX LE CUCINE, designed in stones, wood and other natural material for appealing to the needs of modern kitchen.

ARREX LE CUCINE’S unique range of masonry kitchens is all about making the most of the natural materials such as wood, stones, and wall paint. Each design is a fine example of classic homes that are epitomes of investment and are eternal in nature. With use of strong raw materials, the designers have also worked completely on the functional aspect for best utility.

pesca masonry kitchen

Pesca is a classy design that features work in wood and stone. Contrasting the white walls with the wooden natural colors, the design is utterly unique with huge attention to functionality and need for modern appliances. The floors are in natural stone, making a clear combination with the natural shade of wood.

rita masonry kitchen

Rita is the modern kitchen in the masonry style, but with the essentials in place. The design is unique and simple at the same time with the floors in stone and the walls in a cream finish. Some of the walls have been completed in classy tiles for adding more layers to the design.

franca masonry kitchen 01

franca masonry kitchen 02

Franca is the stunning kitchen in mix of stone, wood and simple colors. Keeping the natural shades of wood for the cabinets, the design looks stunning mainly because of the white floor. The design also makes the most of the countertops that are also in white and are matched with white chairs.

eleonora masonry kitchen 01

eleonora masonry kitchen 02

Eleonora from ARREX LE CUCINE brings the masonry designs on the forefront with use of a number of finishes. The walls are in a unique design and so are the cabinets that are designed in natural wood. Matching the design is the flooring that is white natural material for easy appeal to the eyes.

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