Mercado Roma by Rojkind Arquitectos & Cadena y Asociados, Mexico


The Mexican based contemporary market Mercado Roma, by Rojkind Arquitectos & Cadena y Asociados, portrays a blend of tradition and modernist architecture, in style.

Mercado Roma, conceptualized by Cadena y Asociados and designed by Rojkind Arquitectos in Mexico, serves as a venue, which houses Mexican gastronomic culture, along with its other contemporary flavours. Primarily, the finest range of products from select vendors stands displayed on the unique bespoke counter designed by the architects.


On the design ideas and context, emphasis remains placed on the community and its collaboration along with spatial functional qualities for effective interactions and exchanges at Mercado Roma.


Conversely, the exterior appears as a single entity; however, the site and its functionalities segregate into various segments on the interior front. With intriguing design elements, the spatial quality stands transformed into a warm and welcoming décor with a brilliant splash of bold colours, such as black and orange.


Here, visitors engage in much more than buying fresh produce and the use of graffiti, signboards, and other host of vertical elements collaborate to depict the diversity and unity of the community.


Formerly, an industrial space, the venue stands reformed into a traditional market, arranged into a grid, through numerous vending stalls, which remain positioned in a flexible layout. The circulation flow of buyers is highly manageable, owing to its grid like form, and in addition, the two levels situated above are home to restaurants and the roof deck.


A lush vegetable garden, positioned vertically, also features in the design, where Fresh produce from this garden remains harvested and traded in the market area below. By doing so, the architects and traders achieve a complete cycle in the production and distribution of this, retail chain. Interestingly enough, the production followed by distribution and retail stands accomplished through a meaningful exchange in the venue, which stupendously creates an identity to the space.


Overall, the design and ambience of the Mexico based contemporary market stands is more of a community experience, where superior quality products remain available in an interactive and collaborative manner.

Photos By : Rojkind Arquitectos

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