Mirror! Mirror on the hall(ways)!

Home is our comfort space. It is that space where we go back to the end of the day. It is that space where we entertain guests, host parties as well as spend nice cosy evenings with just our family. Home is thus the place that calls for care and attention. Just like a child needs to be taken care of, properly fed and dressed, a house needs that too! You have to know how to take care of your house in order to make it into a home. Decoration is an important part of this process. Thus, just like you put thought into which company produces good primer before you paint your walls, you will also have to put in some efforts to decorate them after the painting is complete.

Hallways are the most ignored parts of a house, but these are parts that hold the maximum potential to be turned into something really creative. Hallways look good when it is properly lit up or get enough light. Mirrors are thus the best option to experiment with when it comes to decorating hallways since they reflect light and thus brightens them up.

Here are a few interesting hallway mirrors ideas that will help you in adding a different measure altogether to your hallways:

  1. To make it a little bit open


[Jarlath Mellett, Interior Designers & Decorators]

Hallways are always a little bit tight on space. But it feels good if they are given a feeling of being airy and open. The use of concentric geometric mirrors helps in lighting up a hallway and gives a sense of a large space altogether. These mirrors are simple with a very unimposing frame, which can again help in giving the sense of some additional space. What works best when it comes to using concentric mirrors in the hallways is that if you use more than 3 or 4 of them clustered together, it increases the amount of light reflected, and thus, it looks more open.

  1. It’s all about experimenting

contemporary-hall (1)

[Amoroso Design Interior Designers & Decorators]

Here’s another contemporary design to spruce up your hallways. They make great choices especially when it comes to hallways that lead into the house, right beside the door. Get them in two or three sizes since that will add a different dimension to it. You can create a pattern using them if you want, or you can simply play about with the distance and space between them. With mirrors like this, you can experiment with spaces and patterns.

  1. Stairway to nowhere…


[Donna Thomas Vintage Chic Furniture Furniture & Accessories]

The wall by the stairways is also another perfect place to be decorated with mirrors. Your choice of the type of mirrors will largely depend on the colour of the wall. If they are pastel shades or white, these Victorian style framed mirrors would be perfect for the wall. The white frames blend well into the white walls and its gives it a rather unconventional look. This also helps in lighting the way up the stairs and gives a rather mysterious feeling if the lighting is done well in the house.

  1. For the quirky side of the wall


[Incorporated, Architects & Building Designers]

Your home will always be a reflection of your style and taste and the best place to expose that are your walls. If you want your hallway walls to give a dramatic effect, then these mirrors, which have a rather indigenous look to it, make the perfect choice. The number of mirrors will depend on how much of the wall needs to be covered. However, do not place too many of them on a wall since they are of irregular shape, and hence, it might look clustered with there are too many. It is best if you cover enough wall area over a table or a shoe rack.

  1. The story of rectangular frames


[Michael Abrams Limited Interior Designers & Decorators]

If you really want to brighten up your hallway and have a large area to cover, then these rectangular frames work the best. Since these mirrors too occupy a large area, they reflect a greater amount of light, and hence, work best for hallways, which are in general a little dark and need a spot of light.

These are some of the various ways by which you can decorate your hallway with mirrors. You can also activate the right side of your brain and create room for new styles and imaginations!

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