Modern Architectural design Ideas for Bakery: The Shenzhen Deli in China by Linehouse

The Shenzhen Deli by Linehouse in China is an innovative delicatessen, which involves latticed steel interiors for that industrial touch and is modernistic in décor.

The Shenzhen Deli designed by Linehouse in China is a baker’s delight also known as “delicatessen,” where a whole range of baked breads, pastries and pies along with coffee is shelved out for consumers. Located inside a shopping lobby and having access to an outdoor garden, the deli is designed for comfort with a burst of energy that engages the consumers with the place, the products on display and the interior decor, as well.


The deli is enclosed by a 6 metre tall plain white box punched with wide openings on all four sides and is covered with a latticed steel cage that runs all over the ceiling and stops at one-third with the walls from the top. It provides a more 3 dimensional frame to the interior and makes provision for storage, display, lighting, and when viewed through the punched openings, it is an altogether different visual perspective. Plain white walls, with shimmering steel lattice, beautifully complements the wood display counter that glistens with the round ring textures of the sawn wood trunk. Besides that, there is a small wood shelve that runs through the length of the wall that acts as a coffee counter and display rack.


On the exterior, there is an outdoor garden, with banquet seating arrangements and couple seats that make a cosy setting for the consumers to enjoy an array of spread by the deli. It is a simple and uncomplicated structure that has been put to good use by the latticed steel membranes, chalkboards, wood display counters and punctuated openings. It is partially opened to let the surroundings dwell on to the interiors, which create a better shopping and eating experience for the consumers. On the whole, the deli is finely designed to cater to the taste buds, both visually and refined on the style and décor well.

Photos By : Benoit Florencon

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