Modern Architectural Design Ideas for Bar: The SuperWhatnot by Marc&Co, Nielsen Worksop, Australia

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The SuperWhatnot by Marc&Co and Nielsen Worksop, in Australia, celebrates the unplugged look of a vintage classic bar, in a modernist context.

Designed by Marc&Co and Nielsen Worksop, the SuperWhatnot, is an industrial vintage pub, in the city of Brisbane, in Australia. The concept of the design echoes a strong expression of deconstruction by revealing the tarnished structural layers of the building as a main component of the décor.

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Roughly rectangular in plan, the floor levels of the bar remain segmented into three levels where each level remains different from the other. The entrance is via a narrow aisle, which leads to a main bar counter overlooking the recessed lounge facing the main street. On the other hand, a mezzanine stands supported by the exposed metal ceiling, right above the recessed lounge, thus giving a double height ceiling to the main bar counter.

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As the concept relates to a vintage rustic theme, the accessories and interior décor resonate with a black powder coated finish railing, which acts as the support frame for the lounge. Additionally, the u-shaped lounge, with black leather upholstery and metallic legs, wraps up the periphery of the recessed floor, thus creating a warm and cosy focal point, for the bar.

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On one side, the exposed surface of the brick wall, with its warm red tones, creates a quaint old town look, with the black metallic frames running across the ceiling while the white fibreglass wall, lit by cove lighting, creates a stunning backdrop for the play of light and shadows offering awesome lighting ideas.

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The bar counter table is set in a matte concrete finish, with a tiled counter top, for a more vintage-inspired look and is co-ordinated with steel coated bar stools, for a more sleek and cold, icy décor. In particular, the use of different shades of wood from dark walnut brown to honey washed oak, the bar resonates a cheerful ambience, by the woody texture of the feature wall and floor. To top it all, the rugged character of the bar, is quintessentially a classic vintage, portrayed in a modernist way.

Photos  By : Alicia Taylor

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