Modern Architectural Design Ideas: The Meltino Coffee House by LOFF Atelier, Portugal


The Meltino Coffee House by LOFF Atelier is an interior façade of punctuated MDF panels inspired by the grain of a coffee bean, in Portugal.

Designed by LOFF Atelier, the Meltino Coffee House in Portugal is an undefined, see-through interior, inspired by the grain of a coffee bean. Primarily conceptualised using a coffee bean, the pattern of the grain remains sketched and proportionately scaled up to a full size, using MDF panels, painted in white lacquer.

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These panels, punctuated with openings of different sizes and shapes, appear as a geometric pattern, connected by various points. To begin with, the pattern initially inscribed on three panels, at a later stage, remains mirrored to form an additional set of panels, thus creating a dynamic volume using six, large punctuated MDF boards.

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Likewise, the entire spatial concept of the coffee house segments into three zones, with each one, designed for a specific purpose. The first zone is more like a salon/lounge where fine decadent coffee, prepared by gastronomic coffee experts, awaits the shoppers. On the other hand, the second zone sits like a conventional coffee house, best suited for relishing latte and expressos, built using similar MDF panels.

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In between the two zones, an intermediary space connecting the two areas remains elevated from the ground, thus creating a focal point for the visual eye to meet amidst the punctuated planes.

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Even more, the furniture, light fixtures and flooring of the décor remain aligned to the grain concept, bringing out the rich colour of the coffee bean, in different shades. In addition, the custom designed furniture and soft lights of the LED throw a stunning play of shadows on the linoleum flooring.

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It is a small space, but creatively segregated into different zones, using a common facade, in multiple orientations for an intriguing and enthralling ambience. Overall, the interior décor in white and brown complements the throw of light, colour and texture of the coffee bean, in an innovative and refined manner, which sets the stage for a rendezvous conversation.

Photos By : FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

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