Modern Architectural Design Ideas for Retail Store: The Bestias XX in Chile by MoVe architects

The Bestias XX by MoVe architects in Chile is about design brand identity in a small space with customised and assembled wood panel fit outs.

The Bestias XX designed by MoVe architects in a shopping mall in Santiago, Chile is an exclusive shoe retail outlet assembled in a compact space of 12sq.m. With a narrow space and the challenge to design and effectively reflect the brand and the facade of the store, the architects decided to use shoe boxes as a means of achieving quality retailer ship. First and foremost, given the kind of a small space, the need to store a maximum of 300 shoe boxes and yet have room for spatial movement and bill counter was a challenge. Not to forget, they also have a tight rope on its budget as well, so the task was to keep it simple and elegant.


They introduced 6 wood panel strips, attached to each other using a butt joint, and were given a slanted criss-cross cut all over the panel, to hold thin wooden blades that sliced over other. This was done to hold the shoe boxes in place on the wood panel. It was more of a floating shoebox display unit that effectively saves spaces and provides more leg room for movement. A glazed facade with a wooden table acts as the bill counter and to highlight the brand, the letter “x” was inscribed onto the wood panel that could be seen through the glass facade.


All of this was assembled in a single day, where these 6 wooden panels with slits were built off the site and brought to the store for fit outs. It saved time, cost, space and is the highlight of the store and the reflection of their brand. The interior design is simple- dressed with spot lights, along with a carpeted floor that completes the look of the store. It is a very innovative and unique way for a shoe retail store in a small space to capture the attention and yet look and feel classy and elegant.

Photos By : Cristobal Palma, MoVe architects

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