Modern Architectural Design Ideas for Retail Store: The Papelote Stationery Shop by A1Architects, Czech Republic

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The Papelote Stationery Shop, designed by A1Architects, in Czech Republic, is a simple and un-fussed décor revealing the rustic nature of the store.

Designed by A1Architects, the Papelote Stationary shop, in Czech Republic, as the name suggests, is a retail store, which sells handmade products made from recycled paper. Formerly, the store, used as a warehouse, stands re-designed to exhibit paper crafts, stationery, books, holders and many more from the workshop behind the store.

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The floor plan, segmented into three sections, opens up with the store at the front followed by a small passage, and finally into the staff workshop with an attached toilet. Essentially, being a stationery shop, a classroom theme stands chosen for the décor where paperclips hold folders made from felt, on one side of the wall. Likewise, the other side of the wall, with a blackboard, helps to teach children and adult, paper craft and to depict drawings and writings, as well.

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In addition, the wall surface of the store stands peeled to reveal the rough texture of the plaster, which by itself becomes a beautiful backdrop, for the paperclips to hold the exhibits. Conversely, two large wooden tables, found in the store centre, act as a display podium and segment space into various configurations. Again the wooden tables move aside, conjoin and detach by means of wheels attached to its legs.

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On the other hand, with a vaulted ceiling and wood flooring, the store gets an improved makeover, which complements the visual dynamics of the interior décor. Alternatively, there is a full height wooden shelf, designed like a compartment, which holds all the paper stationery and other crafted items.

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The door leading to the passageway acts as a storage shack to hold all the papers, cutting and stamping gears, and other essential stationery items. Behind the passageway, a door opens up to the workshop room where three tables with chairs seat the staff, to create and make handmade stationery. In essence, a refurbished house with a touch of creativity and play, the store looks innovative in décor.

Photos By : Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka

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