Modern Architectural Design Ideas: VIGOSS Textile – Showroom and Design Office by Zemberek Design Office, Turkey

VIGOSS Textile – Showroom and Design Office by Zemberek Design Office portrays a working and display showroom in a detached, semi- enclosure in Istanbul, Turkey.

VIGOSS Textile – Showroom and Design Office, by Zemberek Design Office, is a single studio designed as a part of an existing textile unit in Istanbul, Turkey. This proposed blueprint, for the new showroom and workplace, designed within the existing office has a clear focus on spatial organisation and function.


Furthermore, the spatial role is contained in a “shell,” which strikes a balance between the “outside and inside” by the use of materials, colours, textures and form. Based on the brief, the criterion of the design should link the sequence of functional aspects related to the workstation and display area, which inversely defines the interior décor of the proposed “shell.” In other words, it is a substantially versatile studio, fashioned into a “permeable shell” to perform manifold functions under a single roof.


Accordingly, the permeable stratum of the shell evolves into shape by linking individual pieces of curved wood section, sliced by CNC cutting slabs. These curvilinear wood sections are freestanding structures detached from the ceiling and floor and bear similar resemblance to a pavilion. Likewise, they also generate shades that aid in controlling the privacy of the studio, besides allowing glimpses of the designer clothes on display.


On the inside, the space is well organised around a continuous concrete slab in the centre supported by monolithic concrete pillars at the mid-ends. This slab, known as the “designers” workstation, distributes the massiveness of the space without weighing it down.


Likewise, the colour scheme on the inside is neutral and vibrancy is emphasised by the texture and tint of the fabrics on display that is visible through the permeable stratum of the “shell” structure. Another, most compelling factor of the structure is a “visual sway” portrayed to the people, pacing around the shell, which seizes the attention and connects, with the external surrounding. Above all, it is a well thought out, perception of a “space-inside-a-space,” in a creative and inventive manner.

Photos By : Şafak Emrence

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