Modern Interior Design Ideas: The Architect’s Office by Spaces Architects, India


Architect’s Office by Spaces Architects, in New Delhi, evolves around embracing spaces in an open plan by deconstructing and creating a fluid movement in the decor.

Conceptualised by Space Architects, the design of the Architect’s office in New Delhi, India speaks about deconstructing the workspace into an active and vibrant décor. Built with a basement, the workspace segregates into a studio at the drop and employs an open plan for the main work zone.


Being an architect’s office, the need to generate an effective working space, to produce quality designs and interactions, occupied the utmost priority of the proposed plan. As a result, the open plan ensures interaction at all levels, whereby the employees can work, discuss, read and lounge at a common platform.


On the inside, the false ceiling level determines the dimensions of the room and remains figuratively designed in a morphed form. Moreover, the use of cement finish renders a rustic texture to the floor and walls of the office. They act as a backdrop to highlight the exhibit storyboards of various architectural designs, suspended from the ceiling using fortified tubular pipes.


Again, considering the drop in level to reach the basement, the studio/working cubicle remains bonded with the main office plan, by means of a floating wooden staircase, which is clearly visible from the frontal entrance to the office.


Visually striking, the office interior décor uses veneer to render an unseen depth to the main boardroom with a frosted glass partition on the internal façade. Conversely, the use of white and black, as a neutral palette to the office, generates a subtle and fluid landscape to the décor.


Interestingly, the abstract pattern on the ceiling runs down the cement-clad wall, with its morphed exhibit boxes, which pops out of the panel as a visual art. Relatively, the use of yellow ochre, bottle green, and smoky black as the colour shade for the workstations, express vibrant action, with a subdued calmness of austerity in the spatial context. In essence, the workspace shares fun, colour, vibrancy, and momentum, by displaying the office in a different genre of modern décor.

Photos By : Bharat Aggarwal

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