More Ideas on Keeping Things under the Bed and Maintaining Order – Part 2

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More smart and creative ideas of using space under the bed along with options that work for all types of home and adds style value.

In our last post, we have discussed on how you can use the space under the bed using three different ideas. Here, we will talk of more possible options that are not just functional but will work in maintaining style of the home, as well.

Option one: Traveling bags:

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Most homes have a set of old suitcases that are just lying in the storeroom but we never want to get rid of them. The best thing about old travel bags is the material as there was extensive use of varied kinds of natural materials. Depending on the kind of bed you have, old traveler bags or even woven bags look comprehensively sophisticated. The main question is what you want to keep inside them. Before anything else, get some sunlight and clean the boxes, and you can store your old clothes, winter wear or even stuff that you hadn’t been using for a long time.

Option two: Boxes with purposes:

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While those transparent boxes that you see around in the market are always more of a banal choice, there are other styles that are designed for a purpose. This includes boxes that come in divided compartments or is large enough to be sectioned for different things. The height of such boxes can be high with wider options in sizes, and contingent to what you want to store, you can invest in a few. Practically, such boxes won’t be as cheap as regular boxes, but for certain things like belts, watches, makeup, ties and even clothes, these work impeccably.

Option three: Customized options:

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There are numerous factory designers who can design drawers and boxes for using under the bed. If you have a bed that is already an expensive investment, this kind of idea works in balance. What you can ask to create can be a large drawer with compartments to store different things or even a certain number of drawers can be just fine. There are also options where you can change the style of the space under the bed and can construct spaces for books, magazines, shoes, and CDs and DVDs.

Some creative options:

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For the other imaginative options, the space and location of the bed is important. If the bed is on a podium, one can use the space below to store books, music and even a few toys when the kids are around. Also, if the bed is a part of the living room, one can choose a chest or trunk as an option.

What is important for keeping order in the room is to understand the volume of space under the bed and the actual amount of space needed. You might not be able to keep everything, but if you can adjust a little, the space is frequently huge. Keep in mind that even order under the bed is needed because often the space is visible to the visitors and may look out of sync.

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