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Ninth Avenue Duplex in Manhattan, New York by wUNDERground Architecture

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Playful and colorful Ninth Avenue Duplex, designed by wUNDERground Architecture for a family with three kids in Manhattan, New York.

Ninth Avenue Duplex is one of the most vibrant and colorful apartments one can come across, ensuring the owners have a lot of fun in the lively atmosphere. Designed by very popular design studio wUNDERground Architecture, this apartment is located in Manhattan, New York. This is basically two apartments that the owners have merged into one, where the lower portion is meant for family times and the upper portion is more of the living area. Designed by the design studio with needs of a small family in mind, this is a spacious apartment promising luxury in an area of 3600 square feet.

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The lower part of the apartment features a large kitchen along with a large living and dining area, and also caters to the needs of the kids with a playroom. Inserting a beautiful steel and wood mixed staircase, one can reach the upper level that features a laundry room, a room for study, a master bedroom and three bedrooms for the kids. The designing is such that the acoustical performance is improved to the best possible extent, while the thermal needs of the house have also been taken care of.

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The interiors are designed with the needs of the young kids in mind with a lot of accented colors like yellow, orange and red. The furniture is mostly in the wood and metal on clear lines, and the flooring is equally appealing with the wooden planks used in many rooms. The dining areas have a lot of space, and what works the most in favor of the house is the new staircase, which is quite eye-striking. Lighting is effective with modern hanging and ceiling lights used in right balance.

Photos courtesy of wUNDERground architecture

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