Outstanding Italian Bathroom Mixer Series by Fantini Rubinetti

belvedere series bathroom collection

Bringing forth a series of aesthetically designed bathroom mixers which emphasize the essence of purpose and immediacy of use resulting in clean cut look.

If you are an ardent believer that Innovative designs and technology goes hand in hand then the bathroom products at Fantini are equally elegant and intelligent for your taste. The collection of taps has a modern and contemporary design which is conceptually excellent and comes with a flawless finish, representing cutting edge aesthetics and high end technological perfection. These ever so aesthetic and exquisite looking products include Bathtub, Shower, Handles, Wash basin-Bidet and complement attachments that will leave you surprised for their sheer appeal.

belvedere series

belvedere series bathroom collection

The Belvedere Series has an interesting combination of inclined plane inserts and complementary reflecting surfaces. The Waterfall Bathtub creates a focal point for its unique design. The collection includes a Thermostatic built-in shower mixer (3/4”), with 2 out-lets – handle, Rectangular brass handle, Rectangular tempered crystal handle, Single-lever washbasin mixer/Short tempered crystal bar handle with pop- up waste that has with flexible supply lines and complementary showerhead available in chrome finish.

dolce series

dolce series bathroom collection

One of the most creative designs of all time is the Dolce Series which is not just simple and smooth but also combines practical and modern features into a design that gives the object its unique agreeable personality. To offer you a close match to the surrounding the finishes are available in Creme White, Chrome, Hi-Nox-Plus and Gold. There is something for everyone that looks equally stunning and adds glamour be it the Built-in bathtub mixer SUN hand shower, PVC flexible – handle, High Washbasin mixer with/ without waste – handle. However, the Anti-lime scale square shower head with rounded edges – shower arm is for sure the show stealer.

milano series

milano series bathroom collection

Why would you want to stick to something basic when the ingenious, inventive designs such as Milano are available to you. This particular collection has several recognition’s to its design that shows a distinguishing outline which gives a far-reaching sense of the bathroom environment beyond the feeling of modern taste towards a futuristic design. The Single-lever bathtub mixer fitted on standing floor, sun hand shower, single lever wash basin mixer, and the double shower head with rain and cascade flow looks quite unique and offers stunning features.

venezia series

venezia series bathroom collection

For the love of Glass here’s one collection that provides you with glass on glass and provides the effect of transparencies on colors. The high level of craftsmanship of Murano blown glass, combined with precious details in gold and silver, expressed through an exact geometrical rigor: that is the Venezia Series. Available in finishes silver, chrome, nickel and gold, the Venezia series promotes itself as an icon of luxury, a matter of discreet and allusive elegance.

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