Perfect and Eco-Friendly Design of Conhouse in Trebnje, Slovenia

conhouse 05

ConHouse in Trebnje, Slovenia, designed by Jure Kotnik Arhitekt using two containers exclusive for housing purposes in perpendicular shapes.

Jure Kotnik Arhitekt is a known designer and architect, who is well known for his innovative ideas. This unique Container House called ConHouse is one of the most creative Eco-friendly designs that one can think of in an area of 300 square foot. The house is located in Trebnje, Slovenia and is aimed at lowering the cost of building a conventional house. This is an easy and ‘on the move’ design that has been assembled easily in a few days of time. Here the designer has steered cleared of the recycled shipping containers, but he has smartly used the containers that are exclusive to the housing sector.

conhouse 02

This is mini housing unit in two levels that has used those container units designed exclusively for the office and housing constructions. The materials have been selected quite rightfully with special attention to the lighting to ensure maximum brightness. Here, there is use of two containers, which are standing perpendicular to each other. The design here is innovative and offers practical architectural solutions for small house.

conhouse 09

The terrace of the first floor has been creatively extended to the ceiling of the bottom container. Outer area of the house has tailor-made exteriors with pink dots, and is open for further interpretations. Classic and economical, the design seems to show the options for future homes, which will be restricted by the high real estate prices and cost of building.

Photos Courtesy of Jure Kotnik Arhitekt

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