The Pool House in Canada by +tongtong

The Pool House designed by +tongtong, in Toronto, is a minimalistic representation with sleek and slender design elements for a multi-disciplinary space.

Design ideas

An existing Pool Househas been renovated with simple and crisp lines in Toronto, which lends elegance and enhances the possibilities of using the space for multiple functions. Based on their design ideas and concepts, +tongtong has designed a warm and inviting space that doubles as a guest house, a work studio, and lounge room, and also, as a gallery arena for the artefacts. The earlier Pool House was masked by various details, which blocked the true potential of the space. To restore the pool house, light weight and airy feel had to be rendered to the structure, which was done by extending the roof outline.


The oval shape of the pool was retained and a bright and vibrant colour palette was added to the interior of the pool house. Dividing the pool house into two habitable spaces is a monolithic wall that separates a compactguest room suite from the formal living area. A large coffee table which can be raised to counter height is custom designed by the architect to adorn the living area. Also, highlighted is the backdrop wall in a bright orange, where the client can display their artwork.


Floor heating units are set beneath the polished concrete and slate tiles, which give a contrasting look to the guest room with a Murphy bed and blue glazed bathroom unit. Also added to the pool house is the audio and internal wire conduits, concealed in the monolithic wall used for playing loud music during long summer parties. The Pool House displays a multifaceted spatial context and enjoys a minimalist look that goes well with all kinds of occasions suiting the varied needs of the family. An extraordinary design, with a simple outlook on enhancing spaces is all that designers have to say about this Pool House.

Photos By :- Colin Faulkner

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