Power shower Power&Soul™ Cosmopolitan from GROHE

power & soul shower

GROHE brings the much touted Power&Soul™ Cosmopolitan that offers four shower options in a single shower panel for a quick blend of creativity and functionality!

GROHE is a complete interior designing company coming with designs that are exclusive for the kitchen and bathroom, and of course, the shower. The company blends the best of quality and technology with design and sustainability to create designs that are practical and offering amazing experiences. The company says that they know the difference of using the products, which vastly comes from their customer feedback.

power & soul shower

Power&Soul™ Cosmopolitan, as the company names, is one of the most creative, innovative and stylish showers ever. Keeping the needs of modern architectural bathrooms in mind, the design can been created using flat cylindrical shapes with options to have four ground-breaking shower options with a single product.

power & soul shower

The product uses the best of design elements, while ensuring functionality and practicality. The use of smart shapes, mainly inspired from the geometric ones, the design is all about style and engineering.

power & soul shower

Taking a look at the spray Patterns, one will be surprised for the options. The first one is a Jet that is designed to offer a burst of water for that refreshing experience. For those who want the unique experience of skin stimulation, this is just for them. The second shower option is the Bokoma Spray™, which offers a pulsating experience in a moving style to offers a kind of massage to the body for rejuvenating after a long day at work.

The third option is the GROHE Rain O2 that offers the original rain feeling with fuller spray and greater feeling than ever. The last option is the Rain pattern that takes inspirations from the heavy rains for that complete full rain feeling. Kudos to the company for a unique product!

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