Putting the Kitchen Backsplashes into Functional Uses

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Ideas on using the backsplash of the kitchen for functional things for better use of space and more order.

As the size of the modern kitchens are shrinking faster than ever, there is a strong need to ensure the spaces and surfaces available are used to the best possible extent. The backsplash of the kitchen is one of the many places that you can put to quite a few functional purposes. Most of the times we only tend to choose the right designing for the backsplash, but here we will talk of some practical things that you can do for a more efficient kitchen.

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(Image – Fougeron Architecture FAIA)

Space for knives: The knives in the kitchen are needed much more than other cutleries, and that’s the reason you need to ensure these are placed somewhere close to reach of the arms. You can make the most of the knives by placing them around the backsplash, which is quite a practical solution.

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(Image – Witt Construction)

Keep oils and spices: If you are one of those who like cooking more than often, the spices and oils are few things that need to be in the vicinity for quick use. You can add a required number of wall racks on the backsplash and place the things in style. It is good to ensure that the containers and dispensers on the display are stylish and classy for a more sophisticated look.

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(Image – Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.)

Keep the utensils: While not all the utensils can be kept on the backsplash, you can certainly keep all the spatulas and cooking spoons in style. There are some amazing readymade choices in wall racks that can be used for keeping the utensils, which can put the background to quite regular use.

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(Image – Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs)

Keep your cookbook: The cookbook on the countertop can be quite a mistake to make as the working in the kitchen is disordered at times. The best thing to do is to look for a rack on the backsplash where you can place the cookbook or recipe diary and keep cooking without littering the pages.

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(Image – NW Home Designers)

Coffee and tea maker: Depending on the size of the backsplash and the depth of the wall, you can place a coffee maker or tea maker on a rack. This can be a good way to keep the countertops free from too many appliances and have better organization in the kitchen. Make sure that you are not placing any bulkily designed appliances there as it can ruin the look.

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(Image – Seura)

Place the television: Well, television in the kitchen can be quite resourceful and entertaining, and the spaces of the backsplash on the higher walls can be perfect for placing the TV. Most of the modern kitchens do have a TV for ensuring the chef is entertained, and having one certainly adds more contemporary value. You need to ensure that the placement is right enough for easy viewing.

When the kitchen is small, the above ideas can come quite handy in making the most of the spaces available because order and maintenance is what we are looking for.

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