Remarkable Sustainable Design Ideas: The CR House in Mexico by DAS architects

The CR house in Mexico, designed by DAS architects is a unique composition of spaces, with a combined effort to refurbish an existing home.

Designed by sustainable architecture firm DAS, the CR House is a refurbishment project in Mexico, where the client wanted to re-model the existing house to a more spacious and minimalist home. It called for design expertise to re-analyse the existing spaces and make use of the master plan in evolving better and sustainable home. Considering the want of a spacious look, the architect evolved the design based on a focal centre, which already existed in the master plan, the internal patio.


Depending upon the requirements, the house was to contain a master bedroom suite, yoga room, wooden decks on the first floor and recording room with a rooftop garden. These rooms were to be designed in such a way that they revolved around the spine of the home, the internal patio, which threw in light and air and displayed a play of shadows owing to the double ceiling height. As the internal rooms were taken care with much precision and detail, the exterior facade was laid out with full height seamless glass facades that were bordered with white walls. These facades reflected the green landscape cover, which extends the visual sight from the cosy living space to the exteriors.


Another aspect of the home was to incorporate sustainable features like rainwater harvesting, thermal insulation, passive ventilation, daylight source, and use of durable, eco-friendly materials. These features helped to reduce the carbon footprint of the house and refrain from the use of toxic materials. Plain vanilla clad walls bounce light, creating an inviting ambience for the family to spend and entertain with guests. The CR House is definitely a challenging project, which was brought to realization with fruitful efforts and dedicated design team, presenting awesome design ideas to onlookers.

Photos By : Yoshihiro Koitani, Rafael Gamo

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