Restaurant Architectural Design Ideas: The 48 Urban Garden by AK-A, Greece


The 48 Urban Garden by AK-A in Greece, is reminiscent with a touch of greenness in design, materials, and with the custom fabricated bar stools and chairs.

Situated in Greece, the 48 Urban Garden, designed by AK-A renders a beautiful ivy-clad wall, with a white enveloped periphery, in an interesting, multifaceted seating arrangement. On the contrary, the use of different types of high and low back seats, with light and muted shades of bottle green enhance the visual vibrancy of the décor, which portrays a warm and livelier ambience to the restaurant.


Essentially, each zone of the restaurant speaks of various materials and colours, which integrate with one another with balance and proportion in scale and arrangement. On one end of the low ceiling, the space remains accentuated with the use of light fixtures, textured wall, concrete flooring, and oxidised metal bar counters with olive green chairs. Contrastingly, the use of small pocket gardens, adjoining the main seating arena, creates a warm outdoor feel by cladding the wall with a stark white paint and low wooden seats with tables.


In this project, the use of fabricated steel mesh comes across with a silver glint, which complements the lime green shade of the bar stools and highlights the viridian ivy clad cover on the internal wall. In addition, the matte grey finish of the concrete floor is highly versatile, with each of the seating arrangement, thus giving a more cosmopolitan finesse to the restaurant.


The different types of lighting fixtures, the use of wooden planter boxes, wrought iron railings, and custom designed furniture for specific seating create an aura of festive amidst the enclosed space and offer awesome interior decor ideas. In particular, the space resonates with a fresh burst of serene greenness, which calms the minds and allows the diners to sit back and relish the delectable plate of food. In essence, the décor is simple and lively, with a thriving green environment, set against the backdrop of an ivy-featured wall, resonating a poised elegance in style.

Photos By : Nikos Alexopoulos

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