Santa Monica Canyon Residence in Santa Monica, California by Griffin Enright Architects

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Classically designed with the modern things in use, Santa Monica Canyon Residence has been designed by Griffin Enright Architects in Santa Monica, California.

Located in Santa Monica, California, this stunning house named Santa Monica Canyon Residence was conceived and completed by renowned design studio Griffin Enright Architects. The house is a down-sloping hillside property and therefore, the entire design focuses on making the best of views and designs. The area around the walkway has been designed uniquely in black pebbles, which look classic with the concrete steps of the walkway. The plastered exteriors are in white, while the interiors are designed to calm and cool with soft colors in use.

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Inside the house, the interiors are mostly in white with high quality crockery, craft ware and other things used in mixed variation. The furniture of the entire house has been chosen in white with a few black accents complementing the beautiful classic flooring. With white all around, the subtle and soft color of the wooden flooring looks just perfect by all means. All rooms feature large glasses ensuring ample sunlight and the quick opening doors bring in plenty of fresh in the house. The open podium on the back of the house leads to open fireplace where one can put in a few chairs for a few lazy conversations.

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Keeping pace with soft and light design of the interiors is the high ceiling that promises to make the house feel sunnier during the day. The lighting includes long hanging lights and sophisticated lamps, bringing the dusk home in style. The final touches have been given with paintings at the perfect places, where tastes are in line with the demands of the owners. Perfect, urbane and truly luxurious, this is a very practical house that makes modern living much more desirable.

Photos courtesy of Griffin Enright Architects

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