Say it with flowers: flower arrangements to add in your living room

Flowers make a room look lively and fresh! Include them in your décor for that eco friendly look!

Flowers make everyone smile! They have this amazing attractive power, and since man has the aesthetic eye for most things, flowers never fail to lift the mood of a décor, no matter what situation it is in. Try out some handmade flower arrangement styles to cheer up your living room. This is an inexpensive way of expressing happiness! You do not need to change the room interiors, nor is there any sort of renovation required. Just add a creatively done bunch and the room is set to welcome guests. So, let us look at some easy and innovative living room decor ideas with lovely flowers: the handmade way!



Wide vase arrangement: Take the vase and prime it with some filling at the bottom. For the flower support, you will need chicken wire with wide cells, to house the stems of the flowers in. Choose 3 or 4 different flower and grass species in contrasting colors, and to go with that, you can have basic deep green foliage. Line up all the flowers and grasses. Cut a cone of the chicken wire and fit it in the vase chosen for this activity. Starting closest to the rim, begin cutting up appropriately and arranging in the vase. When you are happy with the shape and the filling, just put it up for display on top of a coffee table, side table or high stool. It will easily become the focal point of the room.



The country style: If you want to give the look of country home to your living room, replace the vase with wicker basket and the foliage should be something picked out on the farm or garden. Choose the flowers in colors that match your room décor colors, or at least give a bright contrast. Choose some wild flowers and local flowers to accentuate the country feel.


Cascade style: Use the floral sponge and set it on the base of a basket or wide glass vase, which has low height. Cut the stems of contrasting flowers carefully, else the shape will be spoilt, and there would be no fun in the arrangement. Start from one end and progress to the other corner.


Bell jar style: You need moss and bell jars in small size for this arrangement. Moisten the moss and place the flowers over it. The base must be non porous for water retention. Cover this arrangement with a bell jar, keeping in mind that the flowers should be enough to reach the top of the jar. This arrangement stays for longer and looks lovely as any corner decoration!



Handmade wreaths: This style looks beautiful for outdoor lunches and can be used to decorate the candle holders. Take some chicken wire and make a triple or quadruple loop. Take flowers with thin stems and start covering the wire surface and fastening them as you go. Also, include foliage in bright green in between. Give a delicate look and see that the wire loop and flowers are in proportion. These look very festive and give a bright lift to the entire ambience!


Hemispheres and ball arrangements: You need flowers with sturdy stems and floral sponge for this. Take the flat fruit bowl or tray and place the floral sponge or brick over it. If you want, you can make it sturdy by wiring it to the container. Now start arranging the flowers in the sponge by poking the stems deep into it. This looks ideal on a dining table spread, when hosting guests.



Fruit and flower delight: Mix up fruit and flowers innovatively using this style. You need a large citrus fruit to slice and line in a clear, tall vase. If citrus fruit is not available, use vegetables like zucchini or cucumber and line the vase. Then arrange contrasting or white flowers with little colorful foliage and complete the look. Fill the vase properly or else the slices will slide off the wall of the vase. This arrangement can be repeated with different combinations each day, and themes can be created easily! This looks extremely beautiful and unique since the scope of individual expression is high in this style.


Flowers in stone: Want a completely different look for the hallway or the sitting room window? Combine stones and flowers in an arrangement and see how amazing it makes the décor look. Arrange white or colorful stone pebbles at the bottom of the vase – clear or glass, and set the opposite colored flowers over the stone. The flowery canopy is soft and delicate and the stone is hard and unyielding; and this combination works for homes with stone fireplaces, stone floor or stone walls. Looks amazing on glass tables with stone grit framed inside. Try out this style with marble pebbles, river pebbles or even chip lets of valuable stone.

Why not go for not synthetic, eco friendly material for home decoration? It is a nice way to pep up the interiors. Especially, if your walls and general decoration is plain and minimalistic, it is a great idea to beautify the home!

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