The Sereine House in France by Septembre

The Sereine House in the countryside of France, designed by Septembre is a restoration project of a very old farm house, to a summer home.

Design ideas

Designed by Septembre, the Sereine Houseis a traditional farm house in France built during the 80s and has been in a poor state until bought by a family to be restored as a summer home. The existing house speaks of a taller volume facade with a gabled roof and typical chimney at the roof top. To restore the house and convert the internal spaces into a habitable summer home called for the architect’s expertise and commendable design ideas, which came quite handy in preserving the natural state of the house.


The house has a staggered rectilinear layout with a two levelled floor reached by a series of straight flight steps and has access to large window panes and multiple door openings on every side of the house. Having said that, there is plenty of room for light and air to circulate around cutting down the need for external lighting or air conditioning units. The house has also been given a fresh coat of paint while the stone walls have been retained for that natural eloquent look that is familiar in this part of the countryside.


Simple and clean lines finish the facades of the house, where the internal volume is suitably accessorised with custom built wood furniture and raw polished concrete floors. A beige shade facade underlines the presence of the existing farmhouse and is prominent with its wide door openings and wooden rafters running across the ceiling. Moreover, the house does not need any thermal insulation, owing to the thick brick walls that reflect heat and keep the indoor environment cool and mild. Needless to say, the family enjoys their stay at this summer home every year and looks forward to the next one.

Photos By :- Linus Ricard

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