Setting the Home Office in the Basement – Get Things Right

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Getting the home office in the basement is matter of small things and you can always enjoy more privacy.

Having a home office in the basement can be a good idea, especially when the spaces are limited in the house. Setting the basement for a home office will require you to do a few things, and that’s where the main task starts. While you can always get an interior designer to do the things for you, doing the basement on your own is always a pleasure. Here are few things for a home office that you need to consider.

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Have a close take on the place: Not all basements are good for an office setup. You need to see for everything, right from the leaks in the walls to the painting and other things. Some of the basements are small for adding too many furniture items, while some are quite hassled to be used for the furniture. You would need to consider if the phone line and internet can be availed there, and if the connections and networks are going to be better. It is important to check for any kind of the repairs that is needed. Once you have set up the setting, the task of moving things from the basement to the upper level can be quite a pain.

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The need for a separate entrance: While it may not be feasible all the time, but having a separate entrance can be a good thing if you don’t want others to disturb walking the steps. Also, if you have people in the office or will tend to have visitors, this can be a perfect way to maintain some amount of professionalism.

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Add a small pantry: There are days when you will be working at a stretch, and therefore, having a pantry will help you snack between work schedules. Make sure that you have just the basic things like a few utensils, a sink and water, and a toaster and coffee maker. You can even choose to add a refrigerator based on your budget.

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Consider the humidity and noise: Basements have a lot of noise and can be quite humid. Since working hours are long, think of the noise and get a dehumidifier for ensuring the environment is just fine. The noise from the upper levels can be avoided when you place the desk at some corner. For those who have the money, insulation can be a good choice, which is more like a long term solution.

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The need for lighting: If you don’t have too many windows, you may find that the lighting is even required in the day. For a home office, you have to ensure that the lighting is more than enough. Some of the owners like having lamps on the table, but even the ceiling and wall mounted lights can be a good choice.

Finding space for work in the basement can mean a lot of privacy, so give that a thought for a new workspace.

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