Small space and the baby- How to sizzle things

Sharing your small home with your baby is a matter of right things and saving space for better living.

You don’t have a space that you can call large and enough and there’s a baby to handle. What can be more confusing? All of a sudden a room that had the furniture and essential appliances seem to be clustered with toys and small clothes all around. On top of that, your baby has his own demands, depriving you of the essential sleep and peace that you are seeking ever since your delivery. Can you bring order to the room and make it baby friendly at the same time? Yes, certainly! All you need is some clear small home interior ideas mentioned in this exclusive post.


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  • Get the toys away: We all love shopping for our babies, and more than often, we end up buying things that aren’t needed for the moment. All the toys, clothes and gear that you have got for him has no meaning till the time he is actually ready for it. Needless to mention, make sure that you have a space for all the currently unwanted things. This can be the top shelves of the storage cabinet or even the box that can be kept under the bed.

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  • Don’t get a big gear: When the child is small, he actually doesn’t understand the size he needs as his own space, and as a parent, you are expected to define the same. When the space is limited, don’t opt for a baby crate or gear that’s larger than the size you need. It is best to opt for a smaller version that can be later sold or exchanged as per needs.

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  • Get Book shelves: For the picture books and materials, you can choose to get book shelves that are thin and don’t occupy too much of space. This will not just help you in getting the floor space and tables cleared, but will also help you teach the kids with ease as the books are in easy reach.


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  • Store things under the curtain: While you have the space to keep the things, you don’t want them to be the display at all times. The best solution is to get a ceiling mounted curtain that can cover up everything under the veil. Given the fact that the stuff of kids come in all sizes and shapes, there is no way to maintain a uniformed look, unless you put everything under cover.


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  • Shift things off the bedroom: Kids are going to rule every part of the house, and so will their stuff. When your bedroom is small and there isn’t a space for his toys and essential play things, you can choose another space, which can be the focal point for finding items. This can be a cabinet in the living room or your own dresser. To make things look more sorted, you can choose baskets and boxes to keep the smaller items of different shapes and sizes.


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  • Get his toys on the wall: Not all toys can be mounted on the walls, but things like rackets, buckets, dolls and similar things can be hung from the hooks with ease. You don’t need to put them at a higher point, but most possibly on an area and space that he can reach with ease as needed. If the hooks are on a higher area, you can add a small tool to help them fetch things easily without hurting themselves or any adult can get them the things they want.


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  • Mount the bikes on wall: Most of the times, we are concerned about the bikes because as the kids keep growing, they end up accumulating more bikes. The easiest banal solution is to look for sturdy hooks for the wall where you can mount the bikes. Of course, you would need to assist them to get the bike, but that’s a task worth the time when you are saving space.

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  • Stack a few trunks and suitcases: When you have too much stuff around and you want the baby to enjoy all of it in the future, it is important to store them right. One of the best choices is to get a few old vintage style suitcases and trunks and store the clothes. As one of the best storage ideas to save space, you can stack them together one upon the other and ensure the look remains pleasant to the eyes.

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  • Make a wall activity zone: We have talked about how you can mount some of the toys on the wall, but there’s another way to deal with the wall space, especially with toddlers. You can choose to make an activity zone with a few musical instruments, toys, colorful objects or anything that’s pertinent to their age. The only thing to care for is the way to get them mounted on the wall, because you don’t want the baby to get the item and choke himself. All the items should be engaging enough for him to stay busy for some time at a stretch.

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  • Get them a closet for caring: For toddlers and kids below two years of age, you can safely transform a part of the closet into a hub for their things and needs. Obviously, you will have to think of the storage ideas, but make sure that you choose a space that’s not going to be used in days or months to come.


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  • Get more baskets: Large or small, baskets are the greatest ways of saving a good amount of space because you can virtually put everything there. From the largest of toys and teddy bears to the smallest of items like alphabets, the options are unlimited when it comes to keeping in baskets.


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  • Get the essentials right: You might feel the need to get everything, right from the crate to the swing, but most of the times, babies are good with one thing. While it might be quite confusing as what you must buy, especially when you are first time parent, it makes sense to check and consider the options blindly.


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  • Get a multipurpose area: If you try and address children as per the needs they have for each age, you will end up getting too many things and messing the space around. Kids grow very fast in the initial ten years, and therefore, it’s best to invest in something that’s going to be more multipurpose in nature.


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  • Get shelves for the nooks: The nooks and corners of the house are often ignored, and when you are dealing with a lack of space, they come as the best options for storage. There is no additional investment here, except for a few shelves for the walls. As for the choice of space, you can think of the area under the staircase or even corners where space is free between two beams.

With these most unique solutions that one can think of, start planning right for your baby to come in with ease!

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