Smart Choices for the Perfect Bathroom

Love the chic bathroom? Now you can do some small and large changes!

In many of our posts, we have talked of the design elements and how each one of them works together in creating a bathroom of million dollars. Do you always require large changes? The answer is NO! There are some easy things that you can do, and your small and tiny bathroom or even the master bath shall look better than what you think. Here is a post on bathroom interior design ideas that give you an idea of the minute and little detailed aspects of a well-designed bathroom.


[Image – Julie Holloway]

Get a bold mirror: Mirrors can change the way a bathroom looks, and we have done a complete series on the same. This time, we are talking of the mirrors that are bold and extremely worth a statement. May be a classic arty style frame or even having light sources on the sides, there are plenty of choices- the only thing that matters is your budget!

Get a few new storage baskets: Most bathrooms have storage baskets, and therefore, you don’t exactly want the area to look the same. Among the smallest changes that you can make, the most obvious one is to have baskets, a complete new set, which when changed can transform the bath area in no time. 


[Image – Scout Designs]

Get a new rug: Well, bath mats are boring and they have been beaten to death by their constant use. One of the finest ways to get the bath area in action is to get a rug, more like the one you would add in the living area. It is better to get smaller versions and the ones that come with light materials because you want to wash them often. You will find an instant liking every time you step in, and your pedicured foot will love it too!


[Image – indigo & ochre design]

Add curtains around the tub: Well, having flowing curtains around the tub can make any women have her Cinderella moment of the day. At the first place, this gives you a fair idea to actually replace the boring shower curtains that look same, no matter how much you want to do with the design. With the curtains around, you can choose to do anything to match the tub. Worrying about the water? The simplest idea is to avoid the heavy materials and stick to the ones that are easy to be maintained and washed.

eclectic-bathroom (1)

[Image -Corynne Pless]

Add a unique pendant lamp: In many of our posts, we have actually talked of the various styles of pendant lights and how even adding one light can change the décor. If you have a bathroom that seems to have boring lighting solutions, you can now choose to get a pendant lamp right in the center to get the desired attention. Look for unique lampshades or choose a light that is completely unique in shape and design- the choice is yours or you can even check for bathroom lighting ideas for more options.


[Image -Kimberley Bryan]

Add two glass front cabinets: Many of the bathrooms lack the storage space, and if the bath area permits, it makes sense to add two glass front cabinets that offer additional area for more things. There are other styles in the old and vintage design that are better choices than the modern ones, which is again dependent on the kind of bathroom you have.

contemporary-bathroom (1)

[Image – Julie Holloway]

Paint the lower walls: Most of the times, bathrooms have lower walls that are either tiled or in the same shade as that of the upper walls. You can easily add some zing to the entire bathroom by painting the lower walls in some contrasting shade as compared to the upper walls. This might seem to be a huge change, but think of the investment, which is on the lower side for sure.

eclectic-bathroom (2)

[Image – Incorporated]

Get some tile accenting: If you are remodeling the house and want the bathroom to look a little different, it can be a good idea to get an area tiled as per needs. There are many bathrooms where even a complete run of accented tiles look decent enough to light the whole area with ease. Again, this is more of a permanent and expensive thing to do, so consider the colors, tiles and of course, the budget.

eclectic-bathroom (3)

[Image – indigo & ochre design]

Add some plants and artifacts: When you don’t want to spend a million and wish for a new bathroom, you need a few potted plants and some arty things that are easy on the pocket and stylish to work with. This is just like adding something new to the living room, with a single consideration, which is about having space for the things. Many bathrooms are small, leaving no space for additional things, and even adding a few plants may reduce the movement area.

Think of the things before making a choice!

eclectic-bathroom (4)

[Image – Dana Gordon + Roy Gordon Architecture Studio]

Check for extremely stunning tiled floors: If you are willing to spend, make sure that you have a floor that is electrifying and extremely versatile with the use of tiles. Using varied tiles in different colors can help you create patterns, designs and more. Obviously, this is not for the faint hearted, but the fact is this works for all kinds of spaces, even for the smallest baths with ease.


[Image – Summer Thornton Design, Inc]

Get a new shower instead of the tub: Getting soaked under the large shower is a much better idea than to have a tub that covered most of the floor space. When you want the bathroom space to look bigger and are willing to change things for a cost, bargain for a bigger and fuller shower in exchange of the tub. Trust the experts who say you are going to love it!


[Image – ZeroEnergy Design]

Get a wooden wall: A planked wooden wall can add to the beauty of any bathroom with ease. However, this is more of an expensive decision because not all types of wood can withstand the conditions of water and weather in the bath area. You have to talk with the designing experts to find the choices, and in most cases, you will require investing in wood qualities that have prolonged life and are coated to withstand water damage! Also, make sure that you check for the finishes that will work with the existing interiors.

farmhouse-bathroom (1)

[Image – SHED Architecture & Design]

Add shelves under the sink: The area underneath the shelves is always a space for better storage, and when you can choose to add a shelf, the beauty of the area doubles as the functionality. Generally, you have the space for just one or two shelves, and we insist that you don’t go for the cluttering idea with many. Just see the space available to make the decision.

contemporary-bathroom (2)

[Image – Mindful Designs, Inc.]

Add small portions of wood: A little console on the wall with a matching same finish stool or even a small freestanding unit for storage, wood works for the bathroom in all proportions. We would like to highlight this idea for those who don’t have the option of the planked wall as suggested in the series. You can do a little more good by adding on some wire elements such as baskets for a more matched feel.

eclectic-bathroom (5)

[Image – Corynne Pless]

Add a few big hooks: If you have the space to draw attention, you can choose to get a few hooks that are large and artier in style. While you can leave most of the other hooks for other to see and like, make sure that you hang one of the large beautiful towels you have. At the end of the day, a little more detailing says it all.

contemporary-bathroom (3)

[Image – Anna Gauck]

Choose a free standing tub: If you love the free standing tub, this is one of the best ways to get some charm in the bathroom. There are unique shapes, and many of the bathroom tub designs can be over-indulging, so take your pick as it suits you. The budget is the main thing, but you also have to see whether the space is large enough for the tub to show off its beauty and magnificence.

Don’t forget to send in pictures!

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