Smart Ideas of Using Bamboo in the Interiors

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Stylish and smart ideas to get eco friendly with use of bamboo in the interiors at the most appropriate and popular places of the home.

With everyone looking for eco-friendly ways of designing a house, it is extremely important to highlight some easy and affordable solutions. One of the most green and environment friendly items you can add to the house is bamboo. It is a versatile grass that works for the ceilings, walls and for creative designs with equal ease.

When you are bored with the common wall designs and decoration options, the bamboo options come as a breath of fresh air. While wall ideas are quite common, there are homes where bamboo and its associates have been used for designing for the floor, as well. In the next few lines, we would talk of some unpredictable ways of using bamboo for interiors.

Blinds for the window:

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If you are drained of using those blinds made of plastic for the window, you can smartly change the look of the home with bamboo blinds. Bamboo works well with any of the color theme because of its simple and natural look. You can choose a single color or even mix with two natural shades. Some people do prefer even coloring the bamboo blinds, but that is not something that we recommend, given the fact that we are talking of going green here.

Other small decorations:

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There are some interesting decorations that are available for the interiors in bamboo and rattan. You can choose a room partition in Bamboo for the interiors or can simply choose a few small items for the coffee table. There are lampshades, small mirrors with bamboo outline and even decorative pots that come with artificial plants. No matter what you like, these are small additions that can do wonders in any home.

Bamboo furniture:

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For those who want to make the most of the bamboo, adding some furniture in the style can be a good thing to do. There are traditional coffee tables, sofas and chairs that can be purchased along with outdoor furniture for the balcony such as hanging chairs and rocking chairs. More unconventional choices include corner tables and open cabinets to name a few.

Bamboo and jute walls:

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You can cover the entire wall in jute, bamboo and rattan sheets that are made with fine fabric style materials. This is obviously one of the most expensive investments that one can make but designing your special terrace room or attic with the idea can be the right thing to do. Such designs are native to the classy Indian homes and can be found in the works of some of the most profiled designers. The idea is to bring the same look in the entire room, so you will have to shun a few colors and stick to the natural colors.

There are a few homes where bamboo has been used for stair, as well, but keep the weight constraints and style factor in mind while choosing the material.

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