Smart Ideas for Using Pastels in the House

Know what it takes to bring pastels in the home and décor with effortless ease.

Pastels are hot colors of the season, at least in the fashion squares, but it is also the right time to bring some pastels in the décor of the home. There are unique ways to add pastels, and you don’t need to design the princess room by any means. Here are some smart and well-planned décor ideas to make the most of the pastel palette of colors.


[Image – Bushman Dreyfus Architects]

 Opt for the exterior paint: Wondering how the house is going to look with the pink pastel shade on the exterior walls? Don’t freak because we aren’t talking of the pink and similar shades, but you can opt for the colors like cream and even minty green. Depending on what you like, pick a shade that matches the setting, and yes, you can skip pink and rose for sure!


[Image – Bernhard Woodwork Ltd.]

Add contrasting accents: One of the best ways to get the pastel shades for the walls is to add contrasting accents. For that pink shade, you can add some bright blue or red accents or opt for something that is more two three shades darker than the pastel one. Whatever you choose, the contrast should be visible and likeable.


[Image -Sophie Azouaou]

A complete palette of one pastel: This is what we call the dirty pastel, where you opt for one for color for the entire room. This can be quite a dramatic choice and even seem boring to few, but this is an idea for those who dare. For the perfect green, you can add bit of taint of one more color, and the choice would be tempting enough. Here, we are not just talking of the furniture, but this is a complete room with one pastel shade.


[Image – Holly Marder]

Shun the old traditional colors: Many consider the pastel shades to be all about rose, pink and purple, most of which are in the girly tone, which is not true at all. If you are not very keen on the old style of colors, pastels can even mean soft mustard shade or a very unique shade of blue. These shades work well with black and white for that ultimate balance.

scandinavian-living-room (1)

[Image – Holly Marder]


Go for all white: One of the easiest and fun ways to add pastels to the rooms is to have a complete white theme with the pastel colors being accents. Easy to incorporate, all you have to do is to paint the walls in white and bring in some furniture or any large elements in the same shade. The choice of accenting can be either one color of the palette or a complete bunch of pastel shades.


[Image-Sarah Phipps Design]

Choose for kitchen cabinets: If the old style kitchen cabinets look boring, why not get a fresh look with pink, green or blue? There is no denying that many of the pastel shades do offer a retro element to the interior décor, and when you are not sure of the living room, the kitchen is a good place to get started.


[Image – Alexandra Angle Interior Design]

Create the morning room: Changing the upholstery or removable fabrics of the room is easy. Here, you can do that for the sunroom or morning room, where colors like pink and yellow can bring a lot of smile and charm to the entire setting. When you are not fan of the block colors, the idea is to look for checks and lattice prints that are easy to the eyes.

scandinavian-living-room (2)

[Image – Jeanette Lunde]

Add a few earthy pieces: If you are someone who loves pastels but are scared that the room would look like a 16-year old princess, there is a need to bring some other elements. Think of the right rustic wooden table for the room or even a completely old style leather chair and a lamp to complement it. These pieces are nothing but a small and successful attempt to bring balance in otherwise more rigid theme, especially when colors like pink is used.


[Image – Aquidneck Properties]

Add the same color of the family: Another idea is to bring pastels with a shade of the same family. For the same, you can choose white as the base color of the room and add one pastel shade and another darker shade as a part of accenting the décor and interior.

Happy designing for the season!

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