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Smart Ways to Use Rugs in the House

How to use rugs in the house with ideas for every room!

Rugs are one of the most versatile things that you can invest on, and there is more than a few reasons to choose them. Not only you can plan your interiors with the needs of rugs in mind, but you can even get something in the extreme low budget. Whatever the case may be, designing the home with rugs is interesting and extremely pleasing. Here are some interior décor ideas that that focus only on rugs and how they can work well to the needs of the interiors of different rooms with ease.


[Image Credit: Mark Ashby Design]

Rug in the arty style: Before talking of the banal options, it makes sense to talk of the choices that are more for those who like to think otherwise. One of the best choices for a rug is to choose it in the art form and hang it on the wall. There are wall carpets available for the purpose, but even when you don’t get them, some valuable piece can serve the purpose with ease.


[Image Credit: Kristen Rivoli Interior Design]

Customize for the areas: If you like one of the areas to have a more sophisticated look, the best look comes with rug. Even for the rooms that are already carpeted, rugs create niche for any area desired. Make sure that you choose something that is customized for the furniture, fireplace or anything that is worth matching with.

traditional-living-room (1)

[Image Credit: TerraCotta Properties]

For your pet: Not many owners like to give their pooch a carpet, but if you give one, you can create a niche look with ease. Let the pet stay away from the hardwood flooring they tend to damage at most times. In fact, when the flooring is expensive, and your dog inclines to scratching at all times, this is a banal solution.

traditional-living-room (2)

[Image – Bear Mountain Builders]

Style with transparent tables: The beauty of rugs come out well when you are using transparent items such as a glass table. It allows the people to check on the carpet, mainly in the living room, which is otherwise blocked by the magnitude of furniture around. This is one of the best ideas for those rugs that are expensive or have intricate work that demands attention.


[Image – Callaway Architects, LLC]

Rug for the dining room: The dining room with a rug keeps the guest much happier because there is a sense of warmth and homeliness attached to it. Look for the rugs that can take in the entire dining set, which includes the chairs. Even when the chairs are taken out for use, the legs should ideally be within the carpet. It also makes the room considerably larger visually without any change.


[Image – Linda McDougald Design]

Around the bed: The bedroom and rugs work hand in hand to create a combination that is more soothing and warming to the eyes. You can choose the carpet to have the entire bed by covering the floor or else, you can move it ahead to match the line of the side tables. The choices are varied, but having the bed on the carpet creates the most comforting feeling.


[Image – Kathryne Designs, Inc]

For the traffic lanes: Rugs in the traffic lanes as runners is a good choice when you don’t want the floor space to look pale and boring. Even when you have a long hallway that otherwise seems to be a space of no use; a simple running rug can bring the easy flow to other rooms. You can even place rugs in the same room to create definition of spaces.


[Image – Robbins Architecture]

Create more balance: When the living room and dining area are close to one another, it is more likely that the style of one will be overriding the other. This is where you can add rug that can integrate the spaces to create a uniform theme. You have to consider many things before you choose the rug because the textures and colors of both the spaces may be different from one another. You can choose something that matches both the spaces and creates a sense of connection.

traditional-living-room (3)

[Image – Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]

Color in large patterns: The bold designs in bright colors for the rugs are not for the faint hearted, and therefore, if you are choosing one, you have to see how it works with the furniture. There are many people who like colors, and this is one of the best options in hand.


[Image – Margaret Donaldson Interiors]

Go for texture: When the colors seem to be too bold for the interiors, you can look for the texture of the rugs to match with the furniture and other interior elements. Check for the choices in soft style for the bedroom, while living rooms can have almost any texture.

We hope these smart interior ideas will help do the things right without going overboard. Happy designing!

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