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Stir up imagination in kids! – 8 ways to do it right

1189 cottonwood lane remodel eclectic kids bedroom

Do up the kids’ room ceiling attractively to stir up imagination! Make them imagine more, be creative with the kids’ room ceilings.

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A child’s mind is a wonderful place! One cannot fathom what all is going on in there. Strike an imaginative streak in the kid by using these creative ceilings in the kid’s room. When lying flat on their backs, they can see and spread their horizons to newer arenas!

creative ceilings in the kid’s room

(Image – Hage Creative)

1: Arabian nights: Draped ceiling! What a fun way to go about the kid’s bedroom ceiling. It perfectly simulates a bed-sheet fort; so reminiscent of Arabian nights! Also, looks like the inside of a circus tent. Just the right amount of softness amidst the straight lines on the furniture!

creative ceilings in the kid’s room

(Image – Hobus Homes)

2: Solar system: Look at how beautifully the ceiling has been painted! With all the dangles on planets and the centre light to simulate the sun, it is a pretty piece of art. And which 6 year old boy will not love this room? The rest of the elements go perfectly well, in fact the whole room is like the outer space! Here’s where the stories begin.

elaborate scarsdale renovation traditional kids bedroom

(Image – Murphy Brothers Contracting)

3: Tree-house feel: There is no real access to a loft playhouse in imitation to a tree-house in here, but the slanted ceiling gives enough opportunity to get creative and create an ambience. The wooden ladder accentuates the look and converts the place into an indoor play area.

visbeen architects traditional kids bedroom tree house

(Image – Visbeen Architects)

4: Cloudy horizons: Clouds on the ceiling are common, but here the uniqueness comes when the child is flat on the bed and looks up. The entire area including the curves under the window beans are included in the horizon. Very creative application, especially with the fan in the form of the plane propeller!

Ceilings are most neglected many a times. We go with the plain and old, not really putting some thought into making it a more attractive feature of the child’s room. Not satisfied with these? Keep reading for more!!!

Dreamers – little kids are. So why not give them some more food for thought? Paint their ceilings in a way that fuel their active minds with vivid imaginations. To get inspire, see how:

long island residence contemporary kids bedroom cielings

(Image – Emc2 Interiors)

5: Fairy tale surprise: How about something straight out of a story of giant flowers and beautiful sunsets and unicorns? Paint this pretty room ceiling in those mystical hues and let the kids make their own stories under it!

french country european style home traditional kids bedroom

(Image – M.J. Whelan Construction)

6: Head in the clouds: Paint the ceiling in soft blues and white. Shimmery drapes do the trick well! Also, don’t forget to add an element of texture – as here is the grassy carpet to balance the floaty textures all around.

mexican design architecture eclectic kids bedroom

(Image – Mexican Design Architecture)

7: Wall stencils and decals: Available in a lot many designs and colors, the best part about decals is that they can be peeled off without damaging the walls as the kid grows up. If you are not sure of the design, go for decals, else stencils are a great way to transform a room! This huge, happy flower makes the room look so happy!

1189 cottonwood lane remodel eclectic kids bedroom

(Image – Jaffa Group Design Build)

8: Modern mobiles: Not just for toddlers! The modern day mobiles are a great way to do up a room. Dangle vines, leaves, giant butterflies – anything to catch the observant eye of the kid. The ceiling is your vast space for creativity!

There you are! Enough food for your brain, now get to plan a lovely theme based ceiling idea for your pretty baby. As they grow older, the look of the room has to change according to their likes, dislikes, as well as their requirements. These ideas are ideal for the formative years of the baby; say years 4 to 10, where the imaginative activity is the highest! Good luck to you for finding the best for your child!

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