Stone House in Anavissos by Whitebox Architects

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Stone House in Anavissos by Whitebox Architects is a spectacular house with four bedrooms featuring exclusive work in stone and wood.

Whitebox Architects is known for their pioneering designs and creative ideas for modern homes. They have crafted the much commendable Stone House in Anavissos that is located in the exotic locales of Athens, Greece. Making the most of wood and stone, the designers have crafted a combination of interiors and exteriors that is both classy and rustic for the modern home. The design works for a family of four people with an additional guest room with attached bathroom. All the four bedrooms have stunning views of the sea, while there is an office space on the ground floor.

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As per the requirements of the clients, Whitebox Architects have worked on making the exteriors truly versatile for use in all seasons. The extensive use of stone walls gives the exteriors a very hefty feeling and protects the house from the north winds. What is also worth checking is the smart use of space between the two children’s bedroom. The walls are designed of stone, wood, metal and plaster demand attention both in the interiors, as well as, exteriors.

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Inside the kitchen, the worktops and countertops are designed in solid white marble, while the cabinets are designed in wood. The furniture both in the exteriors and interiors are designed of wood in the most natural finishes, giving the entire a house a very neat and clean matched finish. Other notable things in the interior include the open staircase that comes with wooden steps and the modern furniture for the living room chosen in white with a large coffee table. Most of the lighting solutions are in the ceiling, ensuring the feel of the stone and wood used is reflected in every space.

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Photos by: George Fakaros

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