Stylish Swan Inspired Vuelo Faucets from Brizo

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Vuelo faucets from Brizo available in a number of finishes and designed with best available technology for quality appeal for sophisticated places.

Brizo is an established company known globally for its collections of kitchen, bath and shower systems. Making the finest blend of form and function in each of their products, the company brings beauty to the modern homes and gives inspiration all new meaning. The company has a range of faucets that is versatile and functional in terms of designs, styles and innovation. Not to forget, the designs are combined with the best available technology for bringing practical solutions.

vuelo kitchen faucets 01

Bringing a magnificent silhouette to function, the Vuelo takes inspiration from the swan. The range is available in a number of finishes, including cocoa bronze and stainless steel, ensuring suitability to every home. Vuelo is designed with SmartTouch® Technology, which turns on the water with a touch on any part of the faucet. The further use of MagneDock® Technology brings a unique magnetic docking system for holding the spray wand. The faucets also work with a diamond-coated valve to last for 5 million uses.

vuelo kitchen faucets 02

Vuelo faucets in the beautiful and stunning form of a swan work best for the homes and upscale locations where style and substance rules. The design for each faucet has been modified to suit varied kinds of needs, and the finishes are extremely versatile and different from each other. The company takes guarantee of the performance of each of their products, which is a clear indicator that their products are worth the investment.

vuelo kitchen faucets 03

Feminine and essentially classy, Vuelo is all about cutting age technology, style and high quotient of glamour that is infused in single forms for instant liking. For those looking for style in their homes and premises, Vuelo comes as a cost effective solution.

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