Summer Table Ideas for the Garden and Terrace

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 03

Ideas for the tablecloth and other things for the summer table in the garden or terrace with color patterns, objects and motifs.

Summer is already in, and there is a serious need to update a few things at home. This is a special post where we are discussing about getting the summer table right for the terrace and gardens for those who are in love with outdoor dining. If you have balcony, terrace or large garden with many trees and shade around, you have plenty to learn from here. The focus is just on the table cloth because that’s the largest linen to be seen on the table. Take a look at what it takes for the perfect mood oriented summer dining.

Themes for tablecloth

The aquatic theme:

summer outdoor tablecloth aquatic themes 01

summer outdoor tablecloth aquatic themes 02

summer outdoor tablecloth aquatic themes 03

If you are looking to highlight the coolness of summer, blue is the theme for you. The tablecloth should be ideally in blue and white with blue being close to the sea color. The patterns can be anything between checks and stripes as per the needs. Moving on the tableware, you need everything in white to complete the look. Small detailing with blue accents with vases, bowls or small table linens can be a good way to bring colored elegance.

The garden theme:

summer outdoor tablecloth themes 01

summer outdoor tablecloth themes 02

summer outdoor tablecloth themes 03

The garden theme is all about green and getting close to the nature. You can use unconventional colors like gray to green to come with platters, but for those looking for conventional solutions, white is the perfect choice. There are also other banal but decent color choices in yellow, blue and pink. You can also add more colors to the white and green theme with red napkins and a few fresh flowers in bright summer colors.

Motifs/additions for the summer table cloth:

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 01

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 02

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 03

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 04

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 05

pattern additions for the summer table cloth 06

If you are concerned about the motifs and drawings for the summer tablecloth for the garden and terrace, you need to know it is all about simplicity. For adding flowers, you need to ensure the main color of the flowers matches the colors of the tablecloth. The dinnerware and dishes should best be in white, if you are not willing to spend and experiment more.

Among the motifs, the floral motif comes to the mind quite obviously, but it is important to choose tableware that matches the brightest and largest color pattern. Even for floral prints, it is best to avoid two or more colors. Another motif is a mix of white with any other light summer color. The tableware should essentially be in white with napkins in monochromatic shades.

While we have already talked about the tablecloth choices, it is also important to mention that the items on the table also signify many things. You can add candle stands, vases, decorative items, and egg shells with flowers or a complete tray featuring several objects. The point remains about maintaining the beauty of the design by bringing in a same color theme, so you can keep those complicated color patterns reserved for the winters. Get out and enjoy food in the right mood!

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