The Taipei Floral Expo Pavilions in Taiwan, by Bio Architecture Formosana


Designed by Bio Architecture Formosana, the Taipei Floral Expo Pavilions in Taiwan, stands as an intelligent pavilion structure, based on hi-tech climatic control systems.

Astounding and innovative, the Taipei Floral Expo Pavilions, in Taiwan, stand evolved and progressed under the tutelage of Bio Architecture Formosana, in a picturesque and evergreen forest reserve. Being located amidst the flourishing and thriving green terrains, the pavilion stands with an imposing grandeur that bridges the spatial design with the state-of-the-art bio networks.


To establish and visualise this revolutionary expo pavilion for a greener cause, the need to integrate perceptive design technology along with spatial planning proved to be of vital importance at the earlier stage of design. Consequently, the use of automated sensors for the operating mechanisms of skylight, glazing, awnings, and HVAC systems remain efficiently designed and maintained by thermostat knobs.


Furthermore, the use of specific zones inside the pavilion remains barred for parking automobiles, to safeguard the layer of topsoil and roots of trees from continuous transportation activities. In addition, densely populated trees restrict the entry of uninterrupted daylight and enable a comfortable macroclimate around the pavilion.


Primarily, the whole structure stands built into three buildings based on nature and type of vegetation and plant life. These buildings, designed as an effective green conservatory, are highly suitable for the thriving of both native and exotic plant life, with high-tech and innovative smart systems.



To illustrate this, the building structure operates using energy stored by solar photovoltaic panels, natural water cascades, and exhaust fans to reduce the internal temperature of the pavilion. Likewise, the use of water treatment systems and waste reduction processes enables to maintain a clean and carbon free environment around the pavilion.


Eventually, the need to reduce energy consumption and heat generation becomes the primary focus of the expo pavilion. In essence, the integration of multiple smart design technology enables the building structure to operate without an allied support, thus marking the revival of intelligent buildings with a conventional approach.

Photos By: Bio-architecture Formosana

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