Tasteful Bathroom Suites by Next Bathrooms

fuscia bathroom suite

Transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxury suite experience minus the need of creating a larger space with these innovative shower bath designs.

Don’t look any further if you are someone who desires comfort teamed up with great aesthetics when designing your dream bathroom. Luxury bathrooms are not just confined to large spaces anymore. Designs by Next Bathrooms justify grandeur suite solutions for smaller spaces. Shower baths are the latest innovation in bathroom design, allowing for the practicality of a large showering area to be combined with the comfort of an ergonomically designed bathing space. Here’s a sleep peek at what tasteful bathroom suite transformations you can look for.

bluebell bathroom suite black panel

Make a bold statement with this Bluebell Bathroom Suite Black Panel which is impressive with its sleek smooth lines. A standout feature of this suite is the lavish double-ended bath, supplied with a rigid black gloss front panel and is perfect if you want to achieve a modern look for the existing transformation.

foxglove bathroom suite

Add a designer feel to your bath with this Foxglove Bathroom Suite which is luxurious yet practical. The clear geometric lines, stunning pottery, perfectly sized basin and pedestal complete the modern suite which will make for a perfect family bathroom. The lavish double ended bath will give you peace of mind when getting in to and out of the bath.

fuscia bathroom suite

Looking for a distinctively stunning look then Fuscia Bathroom is the suite for you. Designed with clean lines, this bathroom creates a look that oozes freshness and character. The modern basin mixer and round design creates an innovative focal point and the stylish taps look perfect for fuscia modern acrylic look.

carnation bathroom suite

A stylish bath suite compliments a modern home, and the ideal design for a superior suite will be the Carnation bathroom suite. An eye-catching focal point for the room will be the circular motif design of the basin. The luxurious bath ensures bathing in style in spacious bathing environment. Relax and unwind in a bathroom bursting with style and elegance.

aster keyhole bath

Photos Courtesy of Next Bathrooms

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