The Berwyn Mill located in Corwen, North Wales

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Situated in Corwen, North Wales, The Berwyn Mill was once a water mill in 19th-century, now converted into a modern home featuring extensive use of wood.

This stunning modern residence was once a 19th-century water mill. The designers and architects have converted it into a space of contemporary living with extensive use of natural elements and making the most of the environment around. Sited in Corwen, North Wales, the house is one of its kinds because while making modern home, the beauty of the original nostalgia hasn’t been hampered. It is located in a terraced woodland region spreading over to 3 acres and has a countryside garden along with three woodland walks.

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On the exteriors, the house converted from a mill has a charisma that is hard to ignore. The River Dee’s tributary passes around the house, offering small waterfalls in the cascading style. While on the outside, it looks like a more stone made structure, in the interiors, it is all about stunning beauty in wood. The flooring and portions on the wall have been done in wood, much in the natural shade without too much of varnish.

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In the living area, there is a fireplace crafted in stone and wood exteriors, while the furniture is mostly in the modern style in colors of gray to complement the settings. The dining table features a huge table made of solid wood, while the staircase is again in wood in the open style. Even the countertops and designs of the kitchen are in wood, and so the cabinets, wardrobes and other storage options. The windows and some of the beams are in black, which works well with the white walls and wooden work. On the whole, this is a house that is all about classic looks and stunning use of natural elements in real natural setting.

Photos courtesy of McCartneys

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