The Switch Box in House in Japan by Naf Architect & Design

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The Switch Box in House by Naf Architect & Design in Japan is about connecting spaces by an intermediate boxed structure of wood lumber.

The Switch Box in House, designed by Naf Architect & Design, in Tokyo, Japan interprets the design ideology of introducing a connecting element that ties the various rooms of the house. In this case, the renovation of an existing home posed a series of challenges to the architect, where lack of spatial continuity was a big concern. By analysing and studying the needs of the client, the architect decided to identify the various spaces for the family by introducing a switch box made of wood deck lumber. It is a boxed structure that occupies the central portion of the home and connects the various spaces to one another.

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In other words, the switch box happens to be the central lounge from where the spatial flow to various activities begins or ends. On the ground floor, there is a clinic with a master bedroom and a stairway leading to the basement garage. The first floor is approached by the wooden stairway that is a part of the switch box, to reach the main family living and dining along with a common multipurpose room. To design the switch box, the architect has used wooden lumbers, finely crafted and fitted in place to create a stairway supported with steel posts, and at the top is a sun deck room with an opening that allows sunlight to illuminate the ground floor.

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At the first floor, the switch box does multiple functions, where one side of the deck is used as kitchen counter, and also, to work and read. It is a multipurpose cubed structure that facilitates the directional flow of the home and enhances the spatial abilities of the floor, as well. This project is a well thought and executed design, with minimal renovation works, where the clients thoroughly enjoy the use of this modernistic connecting box.

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Photos courtesy of Toshiyuki Yano

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