Tips for Creating Outdoor Space

outdoor space ideas

Do you have a large back yard or patio but can’t quite figure out how to get started creating your own private oasis? The options are only limited by your imagination and your budget. Take these recommendations from the design professionals to jump start your backyard project.

The first step is to determine your budget. This will dictate whether a grotto or outdoor kitchen is in the plans, or you’ll be just as pleased with a water feature and a new grill. For those on a limited budget, make dining space a priority followed by outdoor seating. Between great nautical themed items from West Marine purchased at a discount with awesome Groupon coupons and various planters bursting with color from seasonal plantings, your backyard oasis can become a reality on a reasonable budget. Define an area for seating and invest in a large table. Bright colored cushions complemented by a standing umbrella for shade will give the area a fun pop of color.

Whether you’re working with a deck or a patio, take the time to power spray the entire area in preparation for new furnishings. Trim the adjacent shrubbery and retrench the beds applying pine straw or pine needles as needed. Simple additions of stools, candles and string lights will make your backyard area come alive in the evening. This also sets a wonderful stage for entertaining large or small crowds. For privacy from neighbors, consider a lattice work screen or a larger fencing installation. Add stringed lights and you’ll have created an accent area. For the food prep and grill space, include a smaller table that can be used for grill tools and items on their way to the grill.

Following these simple suggestions from the decorating professionals will set the stage for creating your own personal outdoor space perfect for both relaxing and entertaining. Best of luck to you!

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