Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Tips to get ambient lighting of your abode just perfect!

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Want to get the ambient lighting of your lovely house right? You need to focus on the mood of the walls, natural light and furniture to play it perfectly! Read on to find out more…

We all need ambient lighting in the house, but you need to consider few things before you jump to the decision. If you want to understand how the system of ambient lighting will work just perfect for your house, you need to look into the surrounding and mood of your house. All lighting is not the same and sometimes it can be quite a challenge to get everything correct. But do not fret; here are some tips to decide whether you need warm lighting, cool lighting, bright lighting or cosy lights in your abode.

1. Let the natural light get in: –


Source: Studio Schicketanz

Make sure you are inviting enough natural light into the house. This might not be an artificial light, but it is the best light during the day time. Even though you have a huge balcony, it will not work for you by the evening time. For this, you need to have lights directly falling from the ceiling towards the furniture to enhance the room. You must use ceiling lamps around the entire room closely placed with bright bulbs for the evening time. You can clearly spot in the picture how well the lights are placed in the living room. This is one of those living room lighting ideas, which will work whether your room is small or huge.

2. Multiply the lights: –

Source: Darci Goodman Design

If you have only one window in the room, you can use white paint and bright white lights to add charisma to the room. The bright white lights will amplify the natural light feel to your room. Like you can clearly see in the picture that the spotlights might be small, but they are working well with the entire set up of the room. The white paint is going hand in hand with the lights! This is not just a great way to spread out light but also looks great for interior purposes.

3. Go fancy: –

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Source: Bravo Interior Design

Recessed lighting is a problem-solving tool and so is a fancy ceiling light. If the room has dark spots, you can lighten it up with recessed lights all around. You can go for lights that move so that you can change the direction of it whenever you want. You can also add an elegant touch to the interiors with stunning ceiling lamps. This picture shows how beautifully lights can make any dull room look gorgeous. The living room plus the dining room have a ton of light focused on the specific areas along with recessed lights. If you want bulletproof dining room lighting ideas, which will look great at all times, this one is probably the best! Also, if you are on a budget, you can skip on the fancy ceiling lights and go for the recessed lights only. You can also add dimers around, so you save the life of the lights and your electricity bill.

  1. Dimmers are the best?

    Source: Venegas and CompanyIf you are getting sensitive to lights or you want to add a cosy feel to your entire house, you should go for lights with a dimming option in it. Whether you are sensitive to lights or not, dimmers save a ton of the electricity bill and also increase the life of the bulbs. You can have recessed or spotlights in dimmers version too, and you can always find hanging lamps too. Like you can see in the picture, the kitchen platform is used as a dining table too, and the ceiling lamps have dimmers. This will add a classy touch to the kitchen and also allow you to have special candle light dinners. Dim lighting can make any room look romantic! If you want kitchen lighting ideas, try fixing dimmers.
  1. Play with the lights: –

    modern-living-roomSource: William Hefner

    If you have a wooden looking place or wooden floors or anything dark brown around your living space, you should play smart with the lights. Other than having a large window or balcony, you need to make sure you are fixing the comfortable ambient lighting. You should strategically place the lights so that they throw out light in the entire room and there is no dull corner. This picture is a great example as the white ceiling tiny lights are placed closely to each other. The set of two lights looks incredible and does the job well too. Other than this, you can see the two huge wall fixed lights right beside the fireplace. These large yellow lights will create a different mood in the room!

    So think beyond your limits when you are working with different rooms in your house.

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