Tips to be a Great Host for Overnight Guests


When you have guests coming over for a nightcap, these simple steps will ensure that every one of you have a splendid time.

If you have been one of those unfortunate people who have had bad experiences as overnight guests then it is time to learn from that experience and make sure, you don’t make that mistake yourself.

When you have friends or relatives that are coming to spend the night with you from a different town, they deserve more than just a warm welcome. The best way to do this is to think of how you would like to be treated when visiting someone. This will give you a jumpstart to plan ahead of their arrival. These simple steps will make you a perfect host for your guests who would only be too thankful to you for opening up your house to them.

Prepare a guest room checklist


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You don’t need to have any ornate arrangements, but simple basics to make sure that your guests have all the items of need within their rooms. It is very easy to forget something as simple as towels in the bathroom, which can be a big inconvenience to the guests if unavailable. Make a checklist of all the important items like bed sheets, curtains, towels, waste basket, extra blanket, etc. Make sure everything is in order before the guests come over.

Be aware of the travel dates


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It is always better to check twice about the arrival dates because if there is any miscommunication, it can be a big cause of starting the visit on a wrong note, especially if you are scheduled to pick them up from the station or the airport. You should have all the travel information and must set a reminder just to be on the safe side.

Know about guest eccentricities


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If your guests have certain eccentricities like food allergy, then to know about it beforehand will save you any accidents or embarrassing situations later. You can also ask them if they have any preferences for food that they would like to eat while they are here. The point is to go the extra mile and make sure that your guests have something to eat when they arrive. Make this an exercise especially if your guests have kids. They may require extra arrangements if the baby is a toddler or a grown up.

Acquaint your guests of any preplanned activities

If you are planning any exceptional activities for the guests that involve special arrangements, it is better to tell them in advance so that they can pack accordingly. You can also ask for their preferences about the things they would like to do while they are here.

Make a parking spot available


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If you have dearth of parking space in your neighborhood and your guests are arriving by their car, then it is customary to reserve a spot for them. It would be very helpful to hold a spot for them before they arrive as it can be a tedious exercise to look for one when they reach your house.

Be warm in welcoming


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When your guests are arriving after a long travel, a home that is warm and welcoming is the least you can do for their troubles to come all the way. Make sure that you make your crib ready to receive the guests with warm lighting and candles so that they can instantly feel at home when they get there.

Offer them something to drink and snack on


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Travel makes everyone tired and hungry, and it is the first thing you should do. You should serve them with coffee or tea and a small snack to nibble on when they reach your home. You can also stock up on some wines and beers for evening.

Help carry luggage while you show them to their room


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Don’t make your guests drag their heavy luggage to the room when you are showing them around the house. Tell them where you keep the blankets and extra towels, just in case. You can also tell them to request for anything that they may have forgotten while packing.

Tell them about your home’s quirks


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If you have a shower that is difficult to work, then tell your guests how to use it before they get in for a shower and realize they have to step right out to seek your help. You should tell them and show them the way things around your house work.

If Living Room is the Guest Room


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If your guest room is the living room, then it is already an uncomfortable arrangement and you should go the extra mile to make a visit and the stay pleasant. Help them set up the mattresses in the evening so that they can sleep easily at night, and also, show them where they can change. If you are an early riser, let them know so they don’t wake up with a start. Make sure that all the things required are made available and are easily reachable.

Make them comfortable enough to help themselves


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The guests may not feel good about asking you for every small thing. It is better to help them find their way around the house so that it makes things easier for you and for them. You can start with telling them where you keep your coffee or tea supplies, snacks, drinks, etc. Tell them where you keep the dustbins and where to put what.

Make them feel like home


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It is better to make them feel like they are part of the house by involving them in small chores like helping with the veggies or drying the dishes from the dishwasher. However, don’t get too caught up in the act and expect them to take out the trash or clean greasy pots and pans. That is something you and your family members can do.

Give them some time to themselves


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Make sure that no matter what you have planned for the guests, you have left enough room for them to spend some time with themselves too. If you stuff their schedule too much, it can irritate to some guests. Be open to their suggestions and feedbacks for better planning your days together. Don’t take It personally if they want some time out, it is natural to want a break.

Being a gracious host is not rocket science. All it takes is a bit of consideration and thinking ahead of you. All you need to do is truly open up your house and do your best to bring warmth and comfort in their stay.

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