Tips to Pick the Faucet for your Kitchen

Here are some technical snippets like style, finish and quality to choose the perfect kitchen faucet to complement the sink.

Long gone are the days when the kitchen faucet was only used as an outlet to dispense hot and cold water. It has since then been used as a décor item to dress up the kitchen sink, and also, for more basic uses like washing dishes, hand, food, etc. But most importantly, they play a huge role in defining the ultimate style of the kitchen offering some incredible kitchen decoration ideas to the onlookers.

With so many design offerings these days and also different mounting styles, one can easily become confused about the perfect one for your kitchen. Having the most basic information will help you make the most pertinent decision. Here are the things that you need to consider.

Depending upon the mounting options

Sink Mounted


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There are many types of kitchen faucets in the market these days and not to mention the sink designs. However, the problem is that they may not always be a perfect match for one another. If you are trying to find one for the existing sink, you need to check the number of holes it has available for mounting. Buying a new one will be available from one to four holes.

If you are replacing an old one, you need to look for a faucet that has an additional plate to cover the holes that are not required. This should be able to give you a variety of options on a standard sink.

Pros: A perfect choice for someone looking to make an inexpensive and quick update on an existing style.

Cons: Your options may be severely limited due to style of sink

Mounted on the Wall


[Image: Hann Builders]

When using a wall mounted faucet, make sure that it is complemented by your sink in style. It is the distance of the spout that plays a crucial role in deciding if the sink and faucet will work together. This may not work with a double bowl sink.

Pros: Very easy to clean and maintain the countertop.

Cons: In cold climates, you would need an additional measure of care for providing insulation against the freeze. The plumber must also get the spacing exactly right as even slightly off can be a problem with water not falling into the bowl. Also, in case of a wall stud in the way of the installation, it would have to be relocated so that the faucet can be placed where you want it.

Mounted on the Deck

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[Image: Buckminster Green LLC]

These are the faucets that can be mounted on the countertop and not on the sink. If you are using a sink that has been under-mounted, then you can easily install this faucet on the countertop. When installing this type of faucet, be sure to leave the width as wide as your finger so that you can easily clean.

Pros: This type of faucet is neat and goes really well with contemporary styled kitchens.

Cons: They take up important countertop faucet, and you may find dirt and grime accumulate between the faucet and the wall.


Hand Free Variation


[Image: Brizo Faucet]

This faucet is used with the help of a sensor that provides manual setting for the flow of water and the temperature.

Pros: No need to use hands for using this faucet. These faucets detect the motion of your hand or light to open the valve. They are particularly useful for people with arthritis or small children. No need to worry about the sinks overflowing as it automatically shuts off the water. It is also useful in conserving wastage of water.

Cons: The temperature or the water flow cannot be manipulated with the sensor. It needs to be adjusted using the handle. They may also need change of battery from time to time for the sensor to work properly and effectively.

Double Handle Faucets


This type of faucet needs three holes for the installation. It is much easier to customize the design of this faucet due to many options available in handle styles.

Pros: Two handles, as the name suggests, have dedicated handles for hot and cold water. The temperature and the flow of the water can be easily adjusted. It is also usable if one of the handles experiences a leak. You can turn off the valve and use the next handle to operate the faucet until it is fixed. You can also change the handles and even the faucets independently which makes it highly versatile.

Cons: If your hands are full or dirty, it becomes difficult to manage the faucet knobs. They are also traditional looking in appearance and may inhibit the style options.

Faucets with Single Handles


[Image: Urrutia Design]

The rotation of a single handed faucet is directional and regulates the flow of water with an up and down motion. The temperature of the water, however, is regulated by a side-to-side motion.

Pros: It only needs a single hole for installation on your countertop and is especially convenient for a single hand usage. Due to its high arch design, which is highly common for these kinds of faucets, it becomes much easier to accommodate large vessels.

Cons: Temperature adjustment is relatively weak as compared to double hand faucet

Style options

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[Image: Kitchen Kraft]

Depending upon the large theme of the kitchen and the associated style, there are plenty of options that are available. You may have a sleek and modern design or a rustic and farmhouse style. There is something available for all the design elements. Styles can vary from simple linear look to 90-degree angles. A lot depends on the overall the style of your kitchen on the faucet that you choose. There are endless options available. However, it is important that the kitchen design idea and theme is already prepared before you pick the associated style. This will narrow down the options and the designer will be able to make the perfect selection that sits perfectly with the overall design.

Finish and Material Used   

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[Image: Cardea Building Co.]

It is very common to find finishes with brass, chrome, polished brass, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, black, white and stainless steel. However, the exact appearance of each finish may vary from one manufacturer to another. It is better to buy the faucet and the associated accessories from the same collection if you need a more proper and harmonious look.

Quality and price  



Mostly the faucets are built using ball, cartridge or ceramic disk valves. A faucet that has been made using a disk valve with base materials of solid brass or stainless steel is not only more durable but will belong to a pricier range.

The best indicator to determine the quality of a faucet is by weight. Judge the quality of the brass by lifting the faucet. It should feel heavier than other units. The ones made of solid brass need very less care and more durable even with hard water, which is unfriendly with most of the metals. These are the faucets that are obviously expensive.

Even though the cheaper variations are obviously more appealing, they don’t last very long due to usage of plastic. It is not very cost effective when you need a professional every now and then and a replacement too. Eventually, it would cost the same as a good quality tap will cost over the years.

These are some healthy tips on the basis of technical knowledge that is necessary to buy a good quality faucet for your kitchen. Do take these into consideration while making a purchase so that you get the best option home.

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