Top 11 ways of transforming interiors – the fabric way

fabric ideas for interior transformation 03

Change the way the room looks using stylish soft furnishings in stunning styles, easy and simple.

We have experienced the importance of good fabrics in our wardrobes; why not extend the interesting and eye-catching use of fabric furnishings to the room’s décor? The look will be transformed in a refreshing way; impress the guests and bring innovations to the home. Here are some transforming interiors ideas for getting the desired look. Fit them into your theme and feel the freshness.

Floral and gradient:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 01

Combine bold, strong and fun floral prints with tiny gradient prints-try the combination in mixture over various surfaces. The rhythm the gradient and floral pattern brings balances the looks and goes perfectly with the other decoration of the room.

Big pattern and silk:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 02

Walls are also an element of décor and make a difference to the look, changing it directly. Apply large prints over the wall and combine it with silky, shiny fabric on the curtains. The stunning combination looks amazing and brings energy in the room’s style. Enjoy the lovely combination in various colors depending on your choice and room theme.

Stark contrasts:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 03

Try the awe-inspiring contrasts, but with a twist. Keep the curtains bold and bright, and rest of the furnishings soft, dappled and muted, but in the same color. A light hue will do. It is very easy to go overboard in this look, so just be careful about how much and where you put the contrasts. The look works best in blues, red and purples.

Transparent and whites:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 04

So mystifying! This look is a perfect way to make the room look and feel airy, light and very pleasant. Go for sheer curtains for the windows, whites on all seating furnishings and add some attunes in pure white or maybe some other soft color in trifles – like a curtain tie, doormat or runner. The look is perfect for a medium sized room with a large window.

We have seen some styles employing the fabrics creatively. These are the rooms or space innovation using just the fabrics – different combinations, colors and textures impart a glamorous look to the room with minimal furniture or structural addendum’s. Try out the styles and see the sorcery they play on your home’s ambience. Here are topmost 3 lucrative inspirations.

Halftone experiment:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 05

Try out these nude shades on the fabrics of the room. Pearl, Ivory and off-white are the shades that have a grand royal look and make the room look pristine and very chic. These shades are common to all rooms and can be widely used anywhere, especially in the master bedroom. For a different and unique look, go for animal prints in these colors, geometrics and natural fabrics. Roman curtains make it look even more stylish.

Pink passion:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 06

One single furniture piece in hot or mild pink and a bold pink tone wallpaper to go with it – you don’t really need anything else in the room. The boldness speaks for itself, and the room is elevated in a heady sense of attractive energy. Try out this style for the hallway, the girl’s room or the parlor.

Pastels on vintage:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 07

Aged furniture is a nice addition to the whole raw look of the room; it imparts a lovely vintage feel to the room and the archaic feel adds to the character of the room. Add some two tone, suede or velvet cushions in soft pastel shades to accentuate the aged furniture to make it look superbly done up. They neither highlight nor undermine the aged furniture appeal and playing it neutral makes the room look balanced.

Fabrics have a character of their own. Your furniture can be made to look fun and fresh using the simplest of the creative combinations of color, texture and shades of fabrics. Try out these easy styles to make your rooms seem full of character.

Summer fun:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 08

All the fun in one room! Bright shades, quirky prints and two tone lively cushions make the room so full of enthusiastic energy; you want to do everything in this one room! Choose a bright fuchsia or magenta as the base shade of the room, and see how the room is made happy and nice.

Holiday fun:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 09

Remember the beach holiday you took and the memory of that trip still lingers in your conversations? Get that feel home; choose cozy linen in blues and sand nudes and add a hint of fun by putting some geometrics on the curtains. Fun way to transform the room into the holiday escape! The plush fabrics and soothing colors make it an instant hit.

Focal accents:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 10

Combining smooth floral prints with one, single, bold and contrasting piece of soft furnishing to attract the eye – that’s what this style does. Match your curtain/wallpaper with the couch fabric and throw in similar printed cushions in monotone. Add just one quirky magenta pillow to spice it up! Add fringes for extra appeal.

Plaid, print and plain:

fabric ideas for interior transformation 11

These three “P’s” are the life of this style. Choose fabrics in complimenting shades like soft blue, mild red and blueberry and pick up one of the “P” for them. The couch can be a red plaid, the cushions can be soft blue and curtains a nice blueberry printed fabric. Try out various combinations of this trio and see the very country appeal allure you.

Easy to pull off with minimum risk of something going wrong, these styles make the room fun and happy, apart from breathing a fresh, handmade and personalized air to it. Have fun experimenting!

Many more styles and do-ups are there to come, do keep visiting HomeDoo for more ideas and inspirations to play around with the fabric component of the room. Choose what fills your tastes and requirements and set the mood of the room well. Till then, happy decorating!

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