Top 7 Ideas for designing the bed foot areas

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Smart ways of designing the bed foot area with the right piece of furnishings.

Designing the bed foot area is something that doesn’t come to the mind at the first place, but if you take a closer look, the area can out to be quite functional and of style use. In case, you are wondering about the interior design ideas for bedroom, we bring you the most viable choices that can meet the space and needs you have.

It is pertinent to mention that using a piece of furniture can mean cluttering the room, especially when the room is a smaller one. You need to consider the space requirements for each kind of furnishings mentioned and decide on the choice that fits in the best.


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  • A tea table: Ideal when you are someone who likes to sip in the first cup of coffee or tea on waking up! Not only you get the space for keeping the tea pot and rest of the set, but you can even keep the essentials such as a frame, a vase for fresh flowers and everything else that needs to be within reach of the hand.


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  • TV console: If you like enjoying TV in the bedroom, you can have the bed fitted with a console. You can even choose to get the set mechanized as per needs, but that, as always, is matter of how much you consider this as an investment and how far you can go for it.

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[Image – Dayna Katlin Interiors]

  • Trunk: A trunk is among the cheapest and functional item to have below the foot area of the bed because all your additional bed furnishings can go inside. If there are things that are used once in a blue moon, it is most likely that you need a space that would store things in style, and a trunk is all-in-one choice.


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  • A pooch bed: Love your dog to be close to you all the time or want the little kitty to share the bedroom? The bed foot area can be great for the pet to come close, and you can even get rid of the idea that you have to share its bed. If you think the dog bed is taking too much of space, the idea is to just get it under your own bed. Most dogs like to sleep with their masters, so it’s an excellent idea that’s practical!

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[Image – Tucker & Marks]

  • A low style bench: Ideal for keeping the essentials or just decorating the bed foot area, a bench in the low lying style can even work for seating. You can use it while tying the laces of the shoes or can keep the small things close within the reach. Your blanket and free furnishings of the bed can be also stocked.


[Image -Rachel Reider Interiors]

  • A pair of stools: If the low bench seems to be the wrong choice for the area you have, you can smartly swap it with a pair of small stools. You will find poufs and stools of any style at the furniture store, and these small seating options work well when you want to have individual seats.

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 A desk or vanity: When the space is too limited, you have to consider using the space for more functional use, and that’s where a vanity or a desk can come handy, especially when you work from home.

Get more of the bed foot area with these interior decorative ideas to cater your needs. What are you choosing?

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