Top 7 Materials for the Bathtub!

Ideas on how you can change the conventional look of the white bathtub and have more stunning choices in materials.

If you have the notion that bathtub is all about the white designing and shape, you must have missed out action on the designs and materials that modern designers have used. Many of the modern bathtub designs are way different from what we think of bathtubs conventionally, which is a good thing as the options get varied. Here are some exotic materials that you can choose for the bathroom tub without being conventional.


[Image – Saint Dizier Design]

Copper: One of the most interesting choices for a bathtub is copper that comes with its natural shine and has a very durable factor attached. You can have such bathtubs for a huge price, but you will love the tone that it creates overtime. Depending on the indoor color and theme, this can work as a good way to accent the bathroom. The only thing to care for is the maintenance.


[Image – Abramson Teiger Architects]

Wood: Another unique choice for the bathtub is wood, but do keep in mind that we are talking of waterproofed wood here. There are varied shapes, but the geometrical shapes are ones that catch the attention. You will love the classic appeal, but the thing that needs most attention is quality because low quality wooden bathtubs can mean extended costs.

contemporary-bathroom (1)

[Image – Stern McCafferty]

Glass: This is more of an unconventional choice that works only when you have the right space and setting. However, glass needs care and needs to be designed with the essential safety and construction in mind. There is no harm in checking the glass bathtub designs if there is actually something that can be fit into. Design experts and architects can help in finding solutions that are customized, as well.

contemporary-bathroom (2)

[Image – Diamond Spas]

Stainless steel: For those who like to enjoy a warmer bath for a long time, stainless steel is the option for them. Although, this is not a banal solution and the industrial look can be tacky for certain themes, there is no denying that stainless steel bathtubs are easy to maintain and can last for a long time without any need for replacement.

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[Image – alene workman interior design, inc]

Marble: Another solution is the choice of marble, which is close to what traditional bathtubs are considered about. However, there are designs in the freestanding styles that are designed with a very contemporary feel, and you will love those designs that feature curves. The good thing is marble remains extremely well defined and can work with most bathroom themes.

contemporary-bathroom (4)

[Image – studiotrope Design Collective]

Sunken tub: Make the most of marble or even tiled option where the bathtub is actually designed in the floor itself, like a part of it. The sunken style works extremely well when you don’t want to clutter the floor space or want a bathtub that is meant to be a permanent solution. Such bathtubs can be designed in tiles or can be marbled, and don’t worry; you can have all the added features, as well.


[Image – Advantage Contracting]

Rock: Easily among the most expensive options, rock is what natural bathroom designing is all about. You will love the installation and everything else, and what works best is a free standing bathtub in rock that has good support from the floor. Again, the quality and budget is important here because you don’t want to change the tub in a few years.

If you are looking for bathroom design ideas, you can talk to experts for the best bathtub options.

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