Top Ideas to Convert Living Room in Attic

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Creative and nifty ideas for the living room located in the attic for an extra space for family recreation.

For a large family, having a single living room often seems to be too small, no matter the size. As a smart alternative, you can have an additional living room in the attic and appease other members of the family who often need a special place for fun. Here are some nifty ideas for the attic living room and how you can make the smallest of attics look larger than life.

Get the floor covered:

nifty ideas for the attic living room

[Image Credit: LDa Architecture & Interiors]

Rather than having simple floors, the attic can have hardwood floors that are carpeted further to stop the noise from going downstairs. In case you choose to carpet the floor, you always have the option of getting the design done in softer designers. This ensures that the floor can be converted for a sitting arrangement with a few floor cushions.

Use the ceiling:

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[Image Credit: Heather O’Donovan Interior Design]

If you don’t want the ceiling of the attic to exactly look and feel like an attic ceiling, the best option is to get it covered with wallpapers. Some people choose to paint the ceiling in different color, but that essentially segregates the design. The best option is to extend the wallpapers or paint of the wall to the ceiling and make the entire space like a single shell. The results with rich wallpapers are often more than outstanding.

Windows are essential:

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[Image Credit: Lisa Nieschlag (Liz and Jewels)]

Unless there is no option available, it is always recommended to have a window installed in the attic living room for basic airing and lighting. The slanting roofs are best choices, but you can even choose the standing walls of the attics. The main concern is to add natural light to main seating space. For optimal results, be sure to use a contractor who specializes in both roofs and windows.

Look for low furniture:

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[Image Credit: Bird House Interior Design]

Japanese style for the interiors has been discussed in one of our posts, and this is where you can use it to fully functional levels. The attic living room will always have less height, and that’s why low lying furniture, like the Japanese style, works so well. You don’t basically need to scale down the size of the furniture but need to just lower the height.

Add large lighting structures:

ideas to convert living room in attic 05

[Image Credit: Jacob Lilley Architects]

Think of the chandeliers and hanging lights that immediately transforms any room into a gigantic space for luxury, and this is what you need in the attic living room. Rather than having lights in the LED style, the old style lighting would work as a better choice and can be used extensively for the main living area where the sofas are located.

Consider a fireplace:

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[Image Credit: Ashley Roi Jenkins Design, LLC]

Attic living rooms often look more cute and cozy than regular rooms, and therefore adding a fireplace can be a good thing to do. You can add styles as per needs, but look for smaller options that are easy to accommodate and can work for most interior themes.

Adding a large TV room can also draw major attraction in the attic living room, so explore the best technically advanced options!

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