Top Things to do before you Move in a New House

Check some of the things to know before you shift in a new home!

Changing homes can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, and there is a lot of work that goes in beyond the investment. Most owners often forget the minute things that need attention for real reasons. Without losing the fun of shifting to a new home and getting started with placing things all around, you can now care for your family better. Here is a series that tells you about the essential things you must do.


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Get the house cleaned: Unless you have made a new house, it is good to see if the house has been cleaned, and even when the last owners have cleaned it, you have to consider the same again. While the main reason is for a fresh feel, it also helps in getting rid of rodents, fleas and other things common in used houses. There are professional services that can do the job for you, or else, you can start with a vacuum cleaner and mop with the gloves on.



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Get the heating and cooling systems serviced: Last owners will always claim to have maintained and serviced the air conditioning system, but what you need to do is check for the things by experts. From the fittings to the piping and main devices, get a thorough check to know if everything else is in place. This will not just bring in a confidence in the use of the devices, but will prevent any possible damage.


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Change the locks: This is important because you know the keys of the house have been with someone and may be with many people, as well, including the plumbers, contractors and brokers. With a simple investment, you can make the house securer for your family.



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Get new switchboards and plates: Old and uninspiring electric panels, switchboards and plates may ruin the look of the fresh paint and cleaned interiors easily, so you may consider changing the same. Look for the choices that match the interior décor ideas you have, and if needed, always choose for better items from the market for security.


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Get the house painted: Needless to mention, this is a thing that most home owners do. However, even when you the think the paint is freshly done, don’t skip the routine and make sure that you get colors for the interiors in completion. From the ceiling and walls to the doors and windows, everything should be painted. This is not just for the new feel, but you can cover for the dirty details and cracks that are common to any old house that has been in use. If you have the time, you can just buy the paint and do it on your own, but hiring professionals is a better idea for a large home and complex designs.


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Get more closets: While buying a house, we don’t essentially look for places to place the laundry basket or even the woolen clothes, but these are things that need space. Before you move in, check for the entire house to see if there is a place for all the essential things and whether you have space to add more closets and cabinets. If you need to add more, you can check out for modern furniture ideas. This is more of an investment thing, but is important for the long run.

Happy shifting!

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