Unconventional Design Ideas: The Oeuf Residence in Tokyo by Flat House

The Oeuf Residence by Flat House in Tokyo is the home of an artist couple, which nurtures spaces to pursue and display their creative pursuits.

Designed by Flat House, the Oeuf Residence in Tokyo stands facing the Nogawa Park, for a couple with creative pursuits. They wanted their home to be a reflection of their artistic talent, with an adaptable floor plan that would suit various recreational activities and their everyday chores.


In view of the brief, stated by the client, the designed spaces for the home include an art galleria, a coffee bar, a workshop, and a drawing room for the family. These spaces split up over the two levels of the house, accommodates the recreational facilities on the first level and the family room to the second level. Likely, these spaces also, translate as a community home for amateur artisans and their exhibits.


To realise this dream home, the vital elements rest in the composition of spaces, and their flexibility for multiple functions offering some unexceptional design ideas. Interestingly, the first level of the house, designed to be an open-end space, transforms into various configurations, rather than dividing the space using a conventional wall system.


Conversely, on the second level, the kitchen and the restroom are contained within an oval shaped wall, set inside a cubed space, which determines the left over space for the recreational functions. Each of the creative zones shares a mutual relationship with the oval space and is equally distinctive on its own. The workshop, on the other hand, is isolated from the other spatial zones to retain a tranquil space, just right for moulding, shaping and enjoying their creative pursuits.


With all said and done, the art centre of the house is open to the public, where artists can share talks over coffee and stroll through the gallery, whilst amateur artisans can use the workshop. Overall, beautifully layered and nestled within the comfort of a home, the house is truly a haven for art connoisseurs.

Photos By : Takumi Ota

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