Understated Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway by Jensen & Skodvin

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The beautiful Juvet Landscape Hotel is located in the stunning locations of Burtigard, Norway and has been designed by Jensen & Skodvin.

Juvet Landscape Hotel is one of the most stunning hotels that is located close to Gudbrandsjuvet gorge, which is in Burtigard, Norway. Designed by popular design studio of Norway, Jensen & Skodvin, the hotel features seven uniquely planned guest houses that are designed to be like small homes.

The exteriors: The exteriors of the hotel tell you a lot about the mountainous terrain and how the design studio has exploited the beauty of the location by offering maximum views. The hotel is such designed that each of the rooms have either one or two glass walls but none can peek into the other rooms, which ensures there is no invasion in the privacy of the guests. The construction material used here is mostly wood as there is very little choice on the terrain.

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The interiors: If the construction promises ample mountain views, the interiors are a promise of sheer fun, luxury and privacy. The exteriors are modest, but don’t let that fool you as the interiors come with a splash of colors like yellow and brown. Although the guesthouses are small, they are meant to be more like a vacation home where one can spend weeks without being disturbed. The wooden flooring has been carpeted and there is occasional use of colored rugs that does quite a bit of accenting.

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Furniture and lighting: Keeping the needs of contemporary customers in mind, the house has some amazing range of furniture that is meant to ensure comfort and surprising packets of luxuries. Apart from eco-friendly furniture, there are some comforting armchairs that can be seen. For the lighting, the hotel has some amazing standing lights and lamps matched with ceiling LEDs.

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Keep in mind that you need a small fortune to stay at the Juvet Landscape Hotel.

Photos by: Jiri Havran, Jensen & Skodvin

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